Friday, January 3, 2014

Clean Comfy Feeling

        Buenas Tardes Lovies!!! Tonight's blog update will be another late post from last year. hehe . I told you I have quite a number of updates on my wardrobe diary. Forgive me for the late post though because I was busy running some errands lately. You know with all these holiday stuffs and also attending go sees for upcoming Sinulog event. That's also one thing that Cebuano's always look forward too. Can't wait to figure out my ensemble on that big event too!!!

       Nonetheless, I will be posting for tonight what I have worn last Wednesday (December 26,2013) when me and my family went to the mall to shop and later that evening headed to South Reclamation Point to explore the so called "Kasadya sa SRP" . It is a street side amusement park here in Cebu City,Philippines. It only opens mostly during Holiday Season. It was not as flamboyant as Disneyland and Ocean Park in Hongkong or even Enchanted Kingdom and Star City in Manila. I've been to those amazing amusement parks and it was nothing compared to them but still it was enough to bring the entire family to such enjoyment excitement and fun!We really had a great time there specially my kids. They so enjoyed the ferries wheel,spider ride, swing etc. If you were to ask me to rate the place from one to ten. I would still give my seven points. You see even if the place is not as overwhelming  as the other amusement parks outside Cebu . Same as the other amusements, It still has the magic to bring back the kid in you. Yay! That's what I really felt enjoying the rides there. lol And mind you lovies. We're still planning on visiting the place one of these days. lol

        Moving on, I picked on wearing the newest in my comfort collection. My new white high waist floral shorts. I went for a clean fresh look that day so decided to pair it up with my white spaghetti straps and white thong spike sandals for my footwear. to finish up my look. I embellished it with my white and blue buttons statement necklace, gypsy bangle, swarovski arm candy, white stone ring and white watch. Couldn't construe no further so there you go lovies!!
! Time to share the fun day that me and family have shared :D

Necklace = Planet Exchange
Arm Candies = Gift
Watch = Casio
Top = Gift
Shorts = WAGW
Footwear = Parisian


Kasadya sa SRP