Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blued Sunday

            Forgive me for the late post lovies!!! I was absent from work for the past two days because of a mouth sore. It was sort of severe because I also had fever due to that. Don't worry anyway, because I'm back to work and I'm well now. Regardless, Tonight's post was last Sunday's ensemble when me and my family were on our way to church. It is the time of the week to be thankful to the Lord for all the blessings we have received and ask forgiveness as well. Nevertheless, I chose to wear something conservative and formal. For my top, I have worn my silk blouse which I bought from a thrift shop months ago, Its the second time that Ill be wearing this since I bought it. I matched it up with my soft fabric blue elephant pants . I bet you've already seen this pants in my previous ensemble post. Since the outfit combination is just so plain and formal, I made it a little vibrant by accessorizing it with my multicolored statement necklace,yellow big stud earrings and thin yellow bow belt. I would feel dull going out without a bracelet or a bangle so this time, I opted to wear my dark blue bangle which I haven't worn for so long. For my footwear, I chose to wear my blue high wedges to complete my blued Sunday ensemble. Viola!!!  I'm now ready for church :D

Sunglasses : EO
Accessories : Aizilym
Yellow Bow Belt : WAGW
Blue Soft Fabric Elephant Pants : Emall Bazaar
Blue High Wedges : PrP


Friday, August 23, 2013

Pinky Friday !!!

        I wasn't really planning on going out today because I still have a last shift for tonight. But since my best friend  Joyce(my best friend for 9 years now),who  lives in Cebu South ,  is coming over and invited me for a dinner outside. I didn't have a choice but agree coz we  haven't seen each other for months now . Today is a perfect time to bond with her and forget being lazy on prepping up. lol . Regardless, My ensemble for today is a chiffon white and pink balloon top and denim high waist shorts.  For a change, I chose to wear my pearl set earrings and necklace to glam-up the simplicity of the top. I wasn't able to wear my floral bangle anymore so I opt to pair it up with my pearl set. For my footwear, I have worn my pink loafers which is a perfect match for today's ensemble .Bdw, I have my outfit taken when I was waiting for her to pick me up . I guess that's all for now . Teehee :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Xoxo love of Leopard Print

       Good evening lovies !!! I'm sick of flu today but I still managed to go to work tonight for the reason that I'm vying on being top this month. Attendance is part of our metrics so being sick for the remaining days of the month is really not an option. My baby boy is sick too, I actually inhibited my flu from him. It's really fine with me as long as soon  he will be alright. I'd rather be sick than him, well I guess all of moms are like that . We will do everything for our kids . Even if it will cause us our life ;) . I also wanted to go on absent tonight to attend to him but because of the circumstances I can't. Now enough with being so melodramatic.
        Moving on, my post for tonight is today's actual ensemble. I wasn't able to wear my skinny jeans anymore so I chose to wear it this time . I'm not so comfy wearing pants or leggings but just for the sake of alteration, I've picked it . Also for the fact that my boyfie also bought me a black baby tee during the mall wide sale and I can't think of any bottom that would be a perfect pair to it so I opted to pair it with  my jeans (It's the safest I :p) . Since I also have a new pair of leopard sneakers, I have scoured my accessories cabinet to find my leopard turban and sunglasses. It's so perfect right? haha. Now as for my accessories , Since the new tee I'm wearing already has a dashing design, I chose simple but elegant accessories . I guess that's about it for today lovies . Here's for today's ensemble :D

                                                                           Leopard Print = Superstar
                                                                           Leopard Print Sunglasses = Downtown
                                                                           Black Baby Tee = Xoxo
                                                                           Black Leather Belt = Calvin Klein
                                                                           Earrings = Bvlgari
                                                                           Ring - Emall Bazaar
                                                                           Bangles = Trinoma
                                                                           Choker Necklace = Philippe Charriol
                                                                           Watch = Tag Heuer
                                                                           Skinny Jeans = Dickies
                                                                           Leopard Print Sneakers = Parisian

Monday, August 19, 2013

Statement Tees

          It's Manic Monday again! It's about time to blog  about my last  Saturday's ensemble ( Aug 17,2013). It was early in the morning when I woke up around 6 am to pick up my kids in my parent's house. I chose to wear my long lost orange statement tees which I just found in my closet . I had this shirt for 3 years already as far as I can remember. I was just so happy I already found it since it was lost for a year now. (haha happy kid).  I bought it when I was still in working in Manila,Philippines way back year 2010. I love it for the reason that it fits my body well and also the statement it delivers. It says  "You can't be me,Let's not try " . It entails a lot about Individualism. Meaning, each individual is different. No matter how hard we try to mimic someone might be the way we dress up nor talk. You can't be that someone at the end of the day :p. I myself have my own style. I don't even ride on trend that much because I want to be unique in a way.  I wanted to be different but not to the point that I look like a mess in public. I want to keep that classy look at the end of the day :D. Regardless, I matched it with my blue denim shorts that my big sister gave me long time ago.  She said she doesn't like it but when I tried it on, I liked it so much so she decided to give it to me instead :D . As for my footwear, This is the latest that I have in my collection. My boyfie bought it for me during the mall wide sale . I wasn't really planning on buying any footwear at all  because I wanted to maximize the collection I already have in my rack. But when I saw this leopard print sneakers , I fell in love with it right away specially when I saw it's price(haha). It was on sale! You can have two sneakers for only 399php. The other sneakers we bought belong to my 6 year old little woman, My eldest. I bought her a new pair of sneakers too so she'll have new shoes to wear every Friday, during her p.e class. Nevertheless, to match with the leopard sneakers ,  I've picked on wearing my leopard aviator sunglasses which I haven't worn lately because I have newly bought sunglasses :p . I guess I've construed my ensemble enough. Here's my ensemble post for today :D

Sunglasses = Downtown
Statement tees = Tangerine (Sm Megamall)
Denim Shorts = F & H (gift from sister ) 
Leopard Sneakers = Parisian (Sm City Cebu) 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Beach break :D

           My obsession with color blue and yellow is still unfolding .lol . Nonetheless, My blog for today was about my ensemble last Saturday when me and my office mates went to Badian, Cebu Philippines to have our team building. I didn't really prepare my wardrobe for this adventure for the reason that I was so tired and exhausted since we have traveled right after our shift and the day prior to that I was busy with go sees. Obviously I was not in the mood for dressing-up nor applying cosmetics on my face ( who would want to apply cosmetics when you'll go on swimming anyway, lol) . Nevertheless,  I just opted to wear my blue tube top jump shorts which I have for four years now. I paired it up with my yellow vest which I had for 3 years also. (I told you I'm good with keeping things :D ) . Since I wasn't able to get enough rest prior to our trip, Sunglasses is a must to hide my exhausted eyes, also to protect it from the sun :D . This time, I opted to wear my new white round sunglasses from my online shop . As for my accessories, I have worn my on the go fashion silver loop and  two-toned couple ring.Wonder why I called it on the go? Because whenever I'm tired or in a rush it has always been my choice, lol . Moving on, to complete my beach ensemble, I tied my hair in a bun , put my rainbow colored turban and put my slippers on and off we go!!! Ready for the weekend adventure!!!

Loop Earrings And Turban = Genevieve Gozum
Sunglasses = Fashion Pleasures 
Tube top jump shorts = Glitz and Glam Online Shop
Yellow Vest = Forever 21 
Footwear = Havaianas
Couple Ring = Oro China


Friday, August 2, 2013

Black and Blue and Yellow Ensemble

           My actual go see ensemble was a simple black spandex spaghetti top with the same accessories I've matched on my recent blog post. I'm a big fan of color yellow lately so the belt I've used a while ago was my thin yellow belt with ribbon accent that I just bought at a mall boutique. It really went along with my yellow footwear :).

           This is the 2nd batch of today's post . It's been awhile since I posted 2 blog ensembles in a day. You see, I'm keeping myself busy on a Friday night to forget that my friends are all ringing me on my mobile to go on a half day to party. (haha). If you've noticed, I'm sort of disconnected on my posts for tonight. haha . I am really tempted but I have my goals for this month so I really have to fight temptation tonight. I swear it's not easy . haha. Nevertheless, Here's my actual go see ensemble for Friday  (Aug. 2 , 2013).

Sunglasses = EO
Blue Aztec Shorts = Emall Bazaar 
White Casio Illuminator = Oceana Online Shop 
Accessories = Aizilym
Footwear = Janilyn

Green Chiffon Peplum Top

              It's Friday again and everyone is out enjoying the night. Me? I'm stuck again in the office working . You would probably think I'm such a loser for working on a Friday night but I beg to disagree with that (trying to convince myself haha)lol . I had a fruitful day today though. I went to a go see and client meeting .

             Tonight's blog post will be about my wardrobe a while ago . Since the go see was about promoting a liquor brand, I chose to wear something casual and sexy. The bottom I wore for today's post was the same high waist shorts I've worn on my previous blog post a month ago. But this time the tops are from my newly opened online shop. These tops were already sold out. The buyers just requested me to wear and post it so this is one way of advertising my shop :D . Moving on , before I went to the venue, I wore a chiffon green peplum top. Since, she had been requesting it for a week now. It was just today that I finally found time to wear it.. I accessorized it with my new fab sunglasses,white digital watch,white and blue buttons statement necklace , turquoise  ring and a bangle.I will still be posting today my actual go see ensemble so I don't want to spoil the moment and I won't be prolonging your agony anymore lovies. Lemme show you  the first batch of today's ensemble. Before I forget, feel free to browse my new online shop with my very own fashion finds :D FASHION PLEASURES 

First Batch :  Green chiffon peplum top

Fashion Sunglasses = EO
Peplum Top = Fashion Pleasures
High waist Blue Aztec Shorts = Emall Bazaar
Accessories = Aizilym
Footwear = Janilyn