Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blued Sunday

            Forgive me for the late post lovies!!! I was absent from work for the past two days because of a mouth sore. It was sort of severe because I also had fever due to that. Don't worry anyway, because I'm back to work and I'm well now. Regardless, Tonight's post was last Sunday's ensemble when me and my family were on our way to church. It is the time of the week to be thankful to the Lord for all the blessings we have received and ask forgiveness as well. Nevertheless, I chose to wear something conservative and formal. For my top, I have worn my silk blouse which I bought from a thrift shop months ago, Its the second time that Ill be wearing this since I bought it. I matched it up with my soft fabric blue elephant pants . I bet you've already seen this pants in my previous ensemble post. Since the outfit combination is just so plain and formal, I made it a little vibrant by accessorizing it with my multicolored statement necklace,yellow big stud earrings and thin yellow bow belt. I would feel dull going out without a bracelet or a bangle so this time, I opted to wear my dark blue bangle which I haven't worn for so long. For my footwear, I chose to wear my blue high wedges to complete my blued Sunday ensemble. Viola!!!  I'm now ready for church :D

Sunglasses : EO
Accessories : Aizilym
Yellow Bow Belt : WAGW
Blue Soft Fabric Elephant Pants : Emall Bazaar
Blue High Wedges : PrP