Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Xoxo love of Leopard Print

       Good evening lovies !!! I'm sick of flu today but I still managed to go to work tonight for the reason that I'm vying on being top this month. Attendance is part of our metrics so being sick for the remaining days of the month is really not an option. My baby boy is sick too, I actually inhibited my flu from him. It's really fine with me as long as soon  he will be alright. I'd rather be sick than him, well I guess all of moms are like that . We will do everything for our kids . Even if it will cause us our life ;) . I also wanted to go on absent tonight to attend to him but because of the circumstances I can't. Now enough with being so melodramatic.
        Moving on, my post for tonight is today's actual ensemble. I wasn't able to wear my skinny jeans anymore so I chose to wear it this time . I'm not so comfy wearing pants or leggings but just for the sake of alteration, I've picked it . Also for the fact that my boyfie also bought me a black baby tee during the mall wide sale and I can't think of any bottom that would be a perfect pair to it so I opted to pair it with  my jeans (It's the safest I :p) . Since I also have a new pair of leopard sneakers, I have scoured my accessories cabinet to find my leopard turban and sunglasses. It's so perfect right? haha. Now as for my accessories , Since the new tee I'm wearing already has a dashing design, I chose simple but elegant accessories . I guess that's about it for today lovies . Here's for today's ensemble :D

                                                                           Leopard Print = Superstar
                                                                           Leopard Print Sunglasses = Downtown
                                                                           Black Baby Tee = Xoxo
                                                                           Black Leather Belt = Calvin Klein
                                                                           Earrings = Bvlgari
                                                                           Ring - Emall Bazaar
                                                                           Bangles = Trinoma
                                                                           Choker Necklace = Philippe Charriol
                                                                           Watch = Tag Heuer
                                                                           Skinny Jeans = Dickies
                                                                           Leopard Print Sneakers = Parisian

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