Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Golf Ensemble :)


                 Good morning lovies!!! Today my post will be all about my ensemble last Sunday when me and my family went to the mall.  I wasn't really in the mood of dressing up and accessorizing that day. Why? I will be with my kids and my baby will just pull off my accessories . I just grabbed what I saw in my closet and wore it. Nevertheless, Let me start construing my ensemble from the brown stripes three-fourth  sleeve dress  I have worn that day. I have this dress for almost 4 years now (as far as I can remember :D ) I've bought it from one of my favorite formal boutiques at the mall here in Cebu, Philippines. This is also one of my favorites on the grounds that it suits me well. I have kept it for years now. I love the sexiness of the ensemble but still keeping a classy look.. Nonetheless,  I paired it up with my nude stringed ballet shoes. The shoes was so perfect combined with the outfit since the colors coordinated. My boyfriend even teased me that my outfit was like I was going to a golf tournament . Considering the dress was combined with the stringed ballet shoes, the outfit looked sexy sporty. Regardless, This will also be the first time to post an ensemble where I wasn't wearing any cosmetics and the location was inside our subdivision . (I told you I was not in the mood and unprepared :p ) We were on our way to the mall and we were waiting for my baby's stroller so I asked my boyfriend to capture my outfit on his mobile. The accessories I have worn that day was the white digital watch that my boyfriend gave me as his anniversary gift , my newly bought fab sunglasses which was on sale at the mall's optical boutique, white stone ring and a couple ring (another gift from boyfriend)  . My watch is the latest favorite among all the accessories since it has a sentimental value compared to the others :)  . And lastly , Since I was with my kids , I have brought my nude bag with plenty compartments to put all my kids stuffs on it. Who can tell that inside my bag was milk dispenser, feeding bottle, diapers and clothes ? (haha) Enough for today's blog. Lemme show you my Sunday's ensemble :)

Golden Brown Sunglasses : Executive Optical 
Nude Bag : Calvin Klein 
Dress : Blued
Stone Ring : Aizilym
Forever Love Ring : Oro China
Watch : Casio Water Resistant Illuminator 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Game of Love

            Any hint about what I'll be blogging about for tonight??? Geeshh !!! This will be the first time to blog about something else, I mean, not about my ensemble but my personal life..Since our first anniversary is fast approaching, My post for tonight is all about me and my Love's journey together. Nevertheless,  I'm  in the office as of the moment.  I will be on leave tomorrow night so I won't be able to blog about it which is supposedly the perfect time for the post because on Saturday, which happens to be my rest day,  will be our  official first anniversary :)

        Our love Story began when we were introduced to each other by my cousin Mark in the same office that we were working for a year ago . He was also my office mate and  happened to be his teammate. A day after, he added me up on facebook (a social networking site) . At that time, I was involved with someone else. He sent me a message but unluckily my boyfriend was the one who replied . After that incident, I forewarned  him not to shoot me messages anymore because it was causing trouble to our relationship. And so he stopped communicating. Few months after,  when me and my boyfriend  broke up. He went back on sending me messages again. Only because we're officemates, I did reply to his messages too, but whenever our topic leads to him asking  for my number , I repeatedly told him there's no need because we see each other everyday at the office (a perfect alibi for declining lol)  He really have his own way of winning my heart because he never stopped. Instead he asked for my digits from our office mate who's also my board mate that time. So that's how it all started.

          At first it was just a game for me even If he said  he would opt  a serious relationship.That time,  I was so numb that I could not afford to love again anymore. I  was so reserved that I never wanted another heartbreak. I made a deal with him that he wouldn't fall in love with me, that we wouldn't fall in love with each other. Our agreement was pretty much clear and so we went on dating , partying and  went to places together though we're not officially together. Our common friends in the office kept on asking if we were already together. I was firmed with answering them No we're not. I told them that we were just having fun and just enjoying the company of each other since we're both single anyway, and that I didn't have any plans of  getting into a serious commitment with him. But still he started courting me though he knew that I was firmed with my decision not to make any commitments anymore.
            But little by little after almost 2 months. That game of love is growing day by day. Until he finally got my sweet YES. Our friends were teasing us already and asked me if he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. But since I was not that into him yet and we were just starting, I was so uncertain. I told them that it was just for the sake of having someone and that our relationship wouldn't last . I even challenged him that our relationship will only gonna last for a month.. But ever since he got my sweet yes, He proved me wrong with my perceptions and he had kept his promises. To make me happy , to be faithful and honest . He surprise me every now and then, put me in the pedestal and made me his Queen. He gave me so much love  that was enough for the both of us to surpass all the trials and misunderstandings that we went though.  He loved me so much specially during those times that I less deserve it. He loved and embraced everything in me. Then I realized, who wouldn't fall in love with someone who's more than willing to prove you his worth it? Who wouldn't fall in love with someone who is very much willing to love you without asking too much.

           Tonight I want everyone to know that I am the happiest woman on Earth. God gave me someone I've been waiting for so long. Baby, I would like to just thank you for everything. For coming into my life and proving your worth it. For loving everything in me.For accepting my past without any hesitation . For the never ending patience and unconditional love. Today I promise to love you more than I did yesterday . I'll be more patient and I will always stand by your side.  Happy anniversary my love ! It was one hell of a roller coaster ride but we finally made it !!! Cheers for more years to come baby!! I love you !!!

                                           Our very first picture together :) (June 2012)

He flew a sky lantern heart for me <3 

                                                 The same night he got my sweet yes <3 ( July 2012)

                              Baby's birthday last year :) (first time to celebrate his big day together) July 2012

                                      His birthday this year :) (2nd blast day together) July 2013

                         My birthday last year :) He Surprised  with dinner and flower stuffed toy bouquet
                                                               November 2012

                                                    Just got back to business after giving birth. First gosee (supportive bf)
                                                                    August 2012

                                                          First Sinulog Together :) (January 2013)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue and Yellow = Stable and Serine :D

               Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.It  is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity.While yellow is the color of sunshine. It's associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. It produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy. . In heraldry, yellow indicates honor and loyalty. On  the contrary though, We should also be mindful using or wearing this color. Because when overused, yellow may have a disturbing effect; it is known that babies cry more in yellow rooms. I myself is also cautious when combining my ensembles with this color, As what I've said on previous post,  I don't want to be overly dressed nor a fashion victim If you've read about my previous blog post (Yellow is a Happy Color), I partially construed about the color's meaning. So now I finally did my research :D Nevertheless, That's also how I represent the life that I currently have now. Stable and happy :D .

                    .Yellow is seen before other colors when placed against black. So any hint about my wardrobe  for today lovies ? Today's ensemble was about my wardrobe during an event go see and briefing that I had attended last Thursday ( July 18,2013). Honestly, I almost run out of wardrobe that day. I wasn't able to do the laundry for two weeks already, (yes I do my own laundry,thank you  :p) been very busy running some errands. So I chose what's available in my closet. While scouring clothes, I grabbed my black raffle skirt that my mom gave me months ago. She said she bought it for only 50 php. somewhere in downtown. I wasn't really surprise about it, Well knowing my mom , She's really an expert when it comes to fashion finds.Fashionably perfect yet very cost-effective :) I absolutely got that skill from her :D . Nonetheless, I matched it up with my blue spaghetti straps top, multicolored statement necklace, My newly bargained white jade gemstone ring ,turquoise gemstone spider ring and bangle. The highlight of my wardrobe? My thick yellow high waist belt with titanium twisted bangle.I love this fashion belt big time!  This was given by my cousin years ago when this belt was no longer on  trend. As what I've mentioned on my previous post, Most of the time  I love wearing clothes or accessories which is not on trend rather  old-fashioned. For as long as  I love it and it looks pleasant on me (I suppose  haha) , It really doesn't matter if it's the latest or not.  Now for my footwear, Since I was still on my way to the go see venue, I've worn my latest favorite (just because it's the latest one I've brought lol) , My yellow squared-toe flats simply because it's so comfy wearing flats at all times lol . When I arrived at  the hotel (where the venue was) I changed it with my black pumps . To complete my outdoor ensemble, I wore my red sunglasses which was also given by a friend . My day ended  up fulfilling for the reason that  me and my co-models where already given schedules with our upcoming event. After being dormant  with go sees for almost two months now,   I'm back in the circle again. I'm so excited about this upcoming event!  I'll also be posting it soon loves!!! Teehee :D 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Fedora Hat :)

            Remember the dull colored outfits I was talking about on my previous blog post? Tonight's post will be all about one of my dull ensembles (lol). Well, If you've been scouring about my previous blogs, I'm a very safe person when it comes to my wardrobes. I don't feel like being  overdressed or shall I say "A fashion victim " (lol) . I'm also very keen when it comes to combining accessories. If my accessories don't match with my outfit, I would opt not to accessorize it anymore :D . So that's basically just a part of how I style :)
            Moving on, This post is about my ensemble when me and my boyfie went out for a lunch date almost a month ago (hehe). Forgive me for the long overdue post. I just discovered the pictures on his mobile so I hurriedly transferred it to mine so I could post it for tonight. (better late than never :D) .
            I chose to wear my army green razor back tank top that day. Paired it up with my latest favorite DIY high waist denim shorts. Accessorized it with my fashion silver big loop earrings and two toned philip charriol bracelet. Though the color combination was sort of dull, I don't want to run out of fashion so I opted to wear my newly bought gray fedora hat . I bought it from my favorite accessories shop somewhere in downtown here in Cebu, Philippines. My boyfie even asked me if I'll be wearing the hat I just bought because I'm not the type of woman who will wear such, audibly I answered him yes . I told him I have a new outfit experiment so he just kept his silence after that (haha). He had been very supportive all the while. And besides, I know he trust and commends me for my style . Nevertheless , Fedora hat was genuinely designed for women way back 1890's but now most commonly used by men :) . Surprised ? I myself too :) . The footwear I have matched was my newly bought nude ballet shoes from a shoe sale at the mall. You see, I love sales (who doesn't anyway lol) . Now, to coordinate with the footwear, I've picked my nude bag that my mom gave me when she just arrived from the U.S. . I love this bag so much because it has lots of compartments. My things are very organized whenever I'm using this bag :) Done with detailing my ensembles. Excited about how I looked that day? there you go ....


Monday, July 15, 2013

Neon is the New Black

       Last Sunday was my boyfie's birthday so my fashion statement for tonight was all about my wardrobe during his birthday blowout The soiree was genuinely last Saturday. It was unplanned because his original plan was to celebrate it on Sunday(his actual birthday).But he also wanted to celebrate it  on a Saturday night so he could welcome his big day with a bang! haha.So I initiated and organized the party for him, So he won't be exhausted anymore :) (Anything for my love <3 ) . Nonetheless, I still asked for his approval.(of course). His birthday party was held in a mini-club here in Cebu,Philippines.The place was smaller compared to other clubs here in Cebu but we love it because the ambiance was cozy and elegant. It was near our place and it was not that crowded as well:D .
       Apart from that, We also celebrated one year of being together. It was not our official anniversary though but he said it's still something to commend about.He said he was just so happy that he was celebrating his birthday with me the second time. See? My boyfriend is the sweetest! He's so good with sugar coating.That's actually where he got me.hahaha. Nevertheless, We only invited our few close friends, partied and got drunk all night like sky was the limit.And we all enjoyed the soiree.That night was a blast!!!
      Moving on, Before I finally finish my blog, let me quickly construe tonight's ensemble. For a change, I opted to wear a neon green razor back tank top that night . I usually wear dull colored outfits during soirees so this is another outfit venture for me. I paired it up with my new black peplum skirt that was bought by my lovie and black cross strap wedges which I haven't worn for quite sometime now.As for my accessories, I have worn a tri-colored neon necklace and earrings set which was very ravishing and stupendous with the wardrobe. Since the earrings and necklace set were already vibrant, I chose to wear a multicolored persian bangle and bug ring for my hand accessories. Party will never be complete without a party bag so I opted to wear my black and white chained sling bag this time. We were in a rush so forgive me if I wasn't able to take a closer capture of my accessories. I never anticipated I'd be so adventurous when it comes to venturing about my ensembles.Well I guess,Change has always been for the better!
Teehee :D

Accessories : Aizilym
Neon Green Razor Back Tank Top : Emall Bazaar
Black Peplum Skirt : Emall Bazaar
Bag : Emall Bazaar
Black cross straps wedges : Emall Bazaar

Monday, July 8, 2013

Kaleidoscopic Saturday!!!

        Guess what? I'm here stuck in the office on a Tuesday dawn so it's pretty obvious I'm blogging again :D .

        Today's fashion rundown is about last Saturday's happening. Me and my best friend's "barkadas" from manila arrived for a  3 day vacation so I was on my way to meet them.They've been dying to visit Cebu since me and my best friend were still working in Manila but was never materialized until such time that we both went back home almost 3 years ago. And now it finally came true so all of us are very much excited (take note that plan was way back almost 3 yrs. ago lol) So now that they're here, the first itinerary is to have dinner at the mall.Nonetheless, I opted to wear my comfy outfit again, Shorts :D If you've noticed about my previous rundowns, Most of the time I am wearing high waist shorts . Why? I love it simply because it's the latest trend and it looks so vintage but posh lol . So when I started buying an item. I fell in love with it and I went on buying the same style since then :D . Moving forward, I haven't been wearing my neon accessories for quite sometime now so I chose to wear a top that would definitely match with it. When I started scouring clothes on my closet, I have found my white spaghetti strap top and green stripes cardigan which I realized I also haven't worn for a very long time. So without any second thought, I picked it up and decided to wear it that day. Since the neon accessories had a green  accent,  I was so positive that it would match with the outfit I've picked. For my footwear, I chose to wear my new pair of yellow  ballet shoes which I just bought from a big sale from a mall here in Cebu,Philippines . I was so happy when I bought this because the mall was already closing when we arrived. We were just lucky that the part that were on sale was extended for an hour. haha. So this flats were really intended for me (happy kid lol). Nevertheless, This was my Saturday outfit :D

Accessories = Aizilym
White Spaghetti Strap Top = Mom's Gift (have this since highschool :D )
Green Stripes Cardigan = Metro Gaisano Dept. Store
Denim Highwaist Shorts = Emall Bazaar
Footwear = Janeo (Janilyn)