Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Golf Ensemble :)


                 Good morning lovies!!! Today my post will be all about my ensemble last Sunday when me and my family went to the mall.  I wasn't really in the mood of dressing up and accessorizing that day. Why? I will be with my kids and my baby will just pull off my accessories . I just grabbed what I saw in my closet and wore it. Nevertheless, Let me start construing my ensemble from the brown stripes three-fourth  sleeve dress  I have worn that day. I have this dress for almost 4 years now (as far as I can remember :D ) I've bought it from one of my favorite formal boutiques at the mall here in Cebu, Philippines. This is also one of my favorites on the grounds that it suits me well. I have kept it for years now. I love the sexiness of the ensemble but still keeping a classy look.. Nonetheless,  I paired it up with my nude stringed ballet shoes. The shoes was so perfect combined with the outfit since the colors coordinated. My boyfriend even teased me that my outfit was like I was going to a golf tournament . Considering the dress was combined with the stringed ballet shoes, the outfit looked sexy sporty. Regardless, This will also be the first time to post an ensemble where I wasn't wearing any cosmetics and the location was inside our subdivision . (I told you I was not in the mood and unprepared :p ) We were on our way to the mall and we were waiting for my baby's stroller so I asked my boyfriend to capture my outfit on his mobile. The accessories I have worn that day was the white digital watch that my boyfriend gave me as his anniversary gift , my newly bought fab sunglasses which was on sale at the mall's optical boutique, white stone ring and a couple ring (another gift from boyfriend)  . My watch is the latest favorite among all the accessories since it has a sentimental value compared to the others :)  . And lastly , Since I was with my kids , I have brought my nude bag with plenty compartments to put all my kids stuffs on it. Who can tell that inside my bag was milk dispenser, feeding bottle, diapers and clothes ? (haha) Enough for today's blog. Lemme show you my Sunday's ensemble :)

Golden Brown Sunglasses : Executive Optical 
Nude Bag : Calvin Klein 
Dress : Blued
Stone Ring : Aizilym
Forever Love Ring : Oro China
Watch : Casio Water Resistant Illuminator 

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