Monday, July 8, 2013

Kaleidoscopic Saturday!!!

        Guess what? I'm here stuck in the office on a Tuesday dawn so it's pretty obvious I'm blogging again :D .

        Today's fashion rundown is about last Saturday's happening. Me and my best friend's "barkadas" from manila arrived for a  3 day vacation so I was on my way to meet them.They've been dying to visit Cebu since me and my best friend were still working in Manila but was never materialized until such time that we both went back home almost 3 years ago. And now it finally came true so all of us are very much excited (take note that plan was way back almost 3 yrs. ago lol) So now that they're here, the first itinerary is to have dinner at the mall.Nonetheless, I opted to wear my comfy outfit again, Shorts :D If you've noticed about my previous rundowns, Most of the time I am wearing high waist shorts . Why? I love it simply because it's the latest trend and it looks so vintage but posh lol . So when I started buying an item. I fell in love with it and I went on buying the same style since then :D . Moving forward, I haven't been wearing my neon accessories for quite sometime now so I chose to wear a top that would definitely match with it. When I started scouring clothes on my closet, I have found my white spaghetti strap top and green stripes cardigan which I realized I also haven't worn for a very long time. So without any second thought, I picked it up and decided to wear it that day. Since the neon accessories had a green  accent,  I was so positive that it would match with the outfit I've picked. For my footwear, I chose to wear my new pair of yellow  ballet shoes which I just bought from a big sale from a mall here in Cebu,Philippines . I was so happy when I bought this because the mall was already closing when we arrived. We were just lucky that the part that were on sale was extended for an hour. haha. So this flats were really intended for me (happy kid lol). Nevertheless, This was my Saturday outfit :D

Accessories = Aizilym
White Spaghetti Strap Top = Mom's Gift (have this since highschool :D )
Green Stripes Cardigan = Metro Gaisano Dept. Store
Denim Highwaist Shorts = Emall Bazaar
Footwear = Janeo (Janilyn)

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