Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Game of Love

            Any hint about what I'll be blogging about for tonight??? Geeshh !!! This will be the first time to blog about something else, I mean, not about my ensemble but my personal life..Since our first anniversary is fast approaching, My post for tonight is all about me and my Love's journey together. Nevertheless,  I'm  in the office as of the moment.  I will be on leave tomorrow night so I won't be able to blog about it which is supposedly the perfect time for the post because on Saturday, which happens to be my rest day,  will be our  official first anniversary :)

        Our love Story began when we were introduced to each other by my cousin Mark in the same office that we were working for a year ago . He was also my office mate and  happened to be his teammate. A day after, he added me up on facebook (a social networking site) . At that time, I was involved with someone else. He sent me a message but unluckily my boyfriend was the one who replied . After that incident, I forewarned  him not to shoot me messages anymore because it was causing trouble to our relationship. And so he stopped communicating. Few months after,  when me and my boyfriend  broke up. He went back on sending me messages again. Only because we're officemates, I did reply to his messages too, but whenever our topic leads to him asking  for my number , I repeatedly told him there's no need because we see each other everyday at the office (a perfect alibi for declining lol)  He really have his own way of winning my heart because he never stopped. Instead he asked for my digits from our office mate who's also my board mate that time. So that's how it all started.

          At first it was just a game for me even If he said  he would opt  a serious relationship.That time,  I was so numb that I could not afford to love again anymore. I  was so reserved that I never wanted another heartbreak. I made a deal with him that he wouldn't fall in love with me, that we wouldn't fall in love with each other. Our agreement was pretty much clear and so we went on dating , partying and  went to places together though we're not officially together. Our common friends in the office kept on asking if we were already together. I was firmed with answering them No we're not. I told them that we were just having fun and just enjoying the company of each other since we're both single anyway, and that I didn't have any plans of  getting into a serious commitment with him. But still he started courting me though he knew that I was firmed with my decision not to make any commitments anymore.
            But little by little after almost 2 months. That game of love is growing day by day. Until he finally got my sweet YES. Our friends were teasing us already and asked me if he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. But since I was not that into him yet and we were just starting, I was so uncertain. I told them that it was just for the sake of having someone and that our relationship wouldn't last . I even challenged him that our relationship will only gonna last for a month.. But ever since he got my sweet yes, He proved me wrong with my perceptions and he had kept his promises. To make me happy , to be faithful and honest . He surprise me every now and then, put me in the pedestal and made me his Queen. He gave me so much love  that was enough for the both of us to surpass all the trials and misunderstandings that we went though.  He loved me so much specially during those times that I less deserve it. He loved and embraced everything in me. Then I realized, who wouldn't fall in love with someone who's more than willing to prove you his worth it? Who wouldn't fall in love with someone who is very much willing to love you without asking too much.

           Tonight I want everyone to know that I am the happiest woman on Earth. God gave me someone I've been waiting for so long. Baby, I would like to just thank you for everything. For coming into my life and proving your worth it. For loving everything in me.For accepting my past without any hesitation . For the never ending patience and unconditional love. Today I promise to love you more than I did yesterday . I'll be more patient and I will always stand by your side.  Happy anniversary my love ! It was one hell of a roller coaster ride but we finally made it !!! Cheers for more years to come baby!! I love you !!!

                                           Our very first picture together :) (June 2012)

He flew a sky lantern heart for me <3 

                                                 The same night he got my sweet yes <3 ( July 2012)

                              Baby's birthday last year :) (first time to celebrate his big day together) July 2012

                                      His birthday this year :) (2nd blast day together) July 2013

                         My birthday last year :) He Surprised  with dinner and flower stuffed toy bouquet
                                                               November 2012

                                                    Just got back to business after giving birth. First gosee (supportive bf)
                                                                    August 2012

                                                          First Sinulog Together :) (January 2013)

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