Monday, September 23, 2013

Holla Chic :D

           It's Monday once again! I'm pretty sure most career men and women hate this day of the week. Why? Because this is the busiest day of the entire week ever! lol. Regardless, after running some errands early this morning, I'm now sitting again  in front of my computer convincing prospects to enroll for college.( Ya that's what I specifically do in my current company :p  ) . Though it's manic Monday again, I still have something to look forward to this day because I have a new blog to be posted (wide grin :D). I was sort of busy a while ago because I have attended a client meeting and dress fitting for my upcoming event this coming October. Since I was already chosen as one of the six models to represent the company, there's no need to dress up anymore since 'twas just a brief product orientation and costume fitting anyway.

               Moving on,For today's blog post, I went for Street style with a touch of elegance :) For my top , I wore my black Holla floral printed tank top that my mom gave me. I matched it with my blue denim shorts which my sister also gave me. Denim shorts is one of my comfort ensembles for the reason that it's safer to pair it with any ensemble, might be for day or night  use. You can team it with over sized sweaters, parkas and tights for evening or teaming it with colorful prints, lace tops etc. for day time. For the accessories, I have worn my on the go Silver loop earrings and boyfie's dog tag necklace . I was also excited to strut my new yellow Hype Color Series G-shock. This was one of my boyfie's random gifts :D.(happy spoiled bratty girlfriend lol )  I have also worn my black aviator Polaroid RayBan Sunglasses from my very own fashion online store ( Facebook: Fashion Pleasures ; Instagram: :fashionpleasurescebu) .The bag I've used was my black Victoria Secret hand bag which was kinda old already because I have it for a couple years now. To complete my look,also to add glam and elegance on my ensemble, I have picked my gray boot pumps which my Aunt from Singapore gave me a year ago. I wasn't able to wear it anymore so it was a perfect time to wear it again :D . Finally! The wait is over lovies ! It's about time to reveal today's ensemble :D

Black Aviator Rainbow Polaroid Sunglasses = Fashion Pleasures
Holla Tank Top = F21
Accessories = Aizilym
Denim Shorts = WAGW
Watch = Hype Color Series G-Shock
Gray Boot-Pumps = Pedro (Woman)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashion Finds Batch One :D ( Facebook fan page : Fashion Pleasures)

           At long last!! I finally found time to shop for Bangkok made dresses for my newly opened online shop!It is actually based in Cebu,Philippines where I currently live and was recently opened last month (August).  I'm just too excited for my very own fashion finds batch one! As much as I want to construe about it, I cannot because I can't seem to focus due to too much excitement. haha . Regardless, Here's my first fashion finds batch to choose from . Feel free to browse my Facebook fan page : Fashion Pleasures and Instagram acct : fashionpleasurescebu for posh items at a very affordable price :D

Fashion Find batch one teaser

Ready...Get Set....Go!!!!!

Chanel inspired Chunky Necklace 

Chunky Gold Bracelet (Chanel Inspired non-tarnish ) 

Neon Orange Pentagon Print Bodycon 

Neon Green Pentagon Print Bodycon 

Sleeveless Denim polka
Sleeveless Denim top and teal green mullet skirt dress 

Pastel Blue Top and stripes skirt bodycon 

Pastel Pink Top and stripes skirt bodycon

Neon Pink Aztec Bodycon

Friday, September 13, 2013

Posh Friday :)

       Hello again dear lovies! I wasn't able to blog lately because I was so busy managing my newly opened online business (Fashion Pleasures ) . Twas just today that I finally get the chance to blog about my ensemble which I have worn just awhile ago. I was also in the mood of strutting my outfit again for the reason that I have a go see and client meeting for my upcoming event booking next month. My day was spent being so busy running errands that I only slept for 2 hours . But then again it's all good because it ended fruitful and worth it . yay

        Regardless, Let me start construing my ensemble post from the wardrobe I have worn. I was scouring my closet for an outfit that was sexy but elegant so when I saw my suit, I right away grasp it. Though I know the sun was blistering hot awhile ago, I still chose to wear my jumpsuit covered with my brown checkered blazer just for the sake of alteration.And also because I noticed that I wasn't able to strut it on my blog yet. So that was the reason behind me wearing such uncomfortable outfit for today. lol. For my accessories, I matched it up with my vintage fashion gold stud earrings,black chandelier statement necklace ( the newest on my collection ) and gold bangle. This is to effectuate the classy look for the day. The incandescent afternoon was distressing my eyes so I opted to wear my brown aviator sunglasses. For my footwear, My comfort zone is wearing flats so I chose to wear my nude Korean ballet shoes. But when I was on the venue already, I opted to wear my pale pink suede high wedges. Excuse me again lovies for not being so organized today. That's because I am awake for almost 48 hours already. lol. Nevertheless, here's the ensemble for today :D 

(FYI , Some pics were taken from the go see venue with co-model friends I've seen having an event there :D )

Blazer = Thrifted 
Aviator Sunglasses = EO
Accessories = Emall
Jumpsuit = People are People 
Flats = Janilyn 
High wedges = Prp