Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashion Finds Batch One :D ( Facebook fan page : Fashion Pleasures)

           At long last!! I finally found time to shop for Bangkok made dresses for my newly opened online shop!It is actually based in Cebu,Philippines where I currently live and was recently opened last month (August).  I'm just too excited for my very own fashion finds batch one! As much as I want to construe about it, I cannot because I can't seem to focus due to too much excitement. haha . Regardless, Here's my first fashion finds batch to choose from . Feel free to browse my Facebook fan page : Fashion Pleasures and Instagram acct : fashionpleasurescebu for posh items at a very affordable price :D

Fashion Find batch one teaser

Ready...Get Set....Go!!!!!

Chanel inspired Chunky Necklace 

Chunky Gold Bracelet (Chanel Inspired non-tarnish ) 

Neon Orange Pentagon Print Bodycon 

Neon Green Pentagon Print Bodycon 

Sleeveless Denim polka
Sleeveless Denim top and teal green mullet skirt dress 

Pastel Blue Top and stripes skirt bodycon 

Pastel Pink Top and stripes skirt bodycon

Neon Pink Aztec Bodycon

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