Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Sunkissed Color Blocks

       I seldom wear orange that's why If you've noticed in my previous posts, this is the first time to post an outfit with this color.(geeesh). I dunno! Maybe I'm just too lazy looking for something to pair up with the color. haha! Rather, I'm just so concious that I might go out of style.lol.
      Nevertheless, this was the 3rd and the last outfit I have worn during my shoot. Since the darkness have already touched the surroundings of the shoot location, my cousin gretchay advised me to wear something colorful so that the outfit will standout.
      Since I was dreadfully tired already, I just grabbed something I have seen right away from my closet.wew. Part of  playing with colors as well, I chose to wear my see through orange top that you can also use as a cover up . I already have a top like this, the gray floral designed top I have worn in my previous post..Moving on, to add glamour to the outfit , I have worn my animal print necktie as a turban. See? you can't tell it's a necktie unless I tell you right? haha.. Fashion is really all about creativity and comfort : D . You don't have to have expensive clothes to stand out. It's the person not the clothes :p Going back ,I opted to match my pink bra for my underwear. Along with the outfit was my yellow stud earrings a multicolored necklace, and philippe chariol bracelet to make it look more lively. The accessories might not match with the outfit but I bet it looks good with it and I suppose I've succeeded  in terms of color blocking :D . Moving on, the bottom outfit for this post was my old brown suede micro mini skirt. I have kept this skirt for almost 3 years now because this is one of my favorites :D Nonetheless, I just opted to wear my skintone havs to complete my summer outfit I have this for 2 years already. It has a sentimental value since this was given by a friend :D . Excited about the outcome of my very own color blocking ? there you go...

Turban = F21
Earrings and Necklace = Aizilym
Bangle = Philippe Chariol
Orange top = Emall Bazaar
Pink Bra underwear = Metro Gaisano Dept. Store
Micro-mini Skirt = Emall Bazaar
Footwear = Havianas

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Black Lace Dress

        Have you ever experienced having a fabulous dress which is jaw dropping in terms of it's price? This post is about a dress I bought in a bazaar shop which only cost 150php. Yes! you've heard me right! A hundred and fifty pesos only!I bought this black lace dress last December for my modelling agency Christmas party. I was hurriedly scanning clothes to wear from my closet for the event coz I didn't have any plan to buy a new dress that time, considering I just bought a new dress for our company Christmas party.But I didn't find anything nice to wear so I then went to my all time favorite bazaar mall (haha) . My ever outfit event saver (lol). When I was on the shop already, I have found this very fabulous lace dress, too bad I forgot to have the back view taken.I was so exhausted already during this shoot . But anyhow, It's back has a beautiful lace design. which requires you to wear a silicon underwear coz' its bare.
         It was Actually the second time of wearing this dress.Along with it was a pair of animal print feathered earrings which I bought triple the price of my dress.(haha). If you've read about my previous post, Once I found something so nice and  unique, I don't dwell too much on the price as well (o_o). Well, it happens very often :) . Moving forward, the bracelet and ring I have matched was my favorite fashion gold accessories .For my footwear, I have combined with the outfit was black and gold 2 inches sandals. I guess I've explained this outfit enough.I hope you'll also love this lovies :D

Black feather earring = Celine
Fashion Gold bangle = Robinson's
Fashion Gold Ring = Emall Bazaar
Black Lace Mini Dress = Emall Bazaar
Black and Gold Footwear = Linea Italia

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scarf and Highwaist for Summer 2013

 After being so busy with an orientation for my event,headed straight tothe photo shoot location.I only had 4 hours of sleep that day. This shoot is for summer themed outfit.Since high waist bottoms is the  summer trend, I chose to wear my white high waist shorts,paired it with a brown scarf bandeau which I wore as a bra top  and black pumps.The accessories I combined with the outfit was gold empress turban that I wore as a headpiece,a pair of fashion gold chandelier earrings and bracelets. Before the shoot, Since I don't have a time to curl my hair anymore and since I will be doing HMU myself,I just tied my hair in a bun and when it started I untied it.As you can see the result is almost just the same.Effortless right? :D Nonetheless, The shoot started around 5 o'clock and it ended at 7 pm.I was dead tired already but still I went to work around 9pm that day.I'm a superwoman .Haha ..Need not say more, now it's time for my outfit shots :)

Location : Gio Homes Banawa, Cebu City
Photo Credits : Marie Gretchen Abella
Top : Forever 21
Highwaist Shorts : Downtown Bazaar
Footwear : People are People
Accessories : Aizilym

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Touch of Summer

          Imagine waiting for almost a month just to buy something you've been dying to have.That's the swimwear  I will be posting for today.Finally my navy blue high waist vintage swimwear have arrived. For a month of wanting,craving and dreaming to have this,finally I got it .I'm the happiest!!!ha ha.
           This swimwear is the latest summer trend. So I decided on buying 2 pairs with different designs of course. Why I love it so much?It doesn't reveal too much skin, yet still sexy and classy.
           For my cover up,I paired with the outfit was the cardigan I have worn in one of my previous posts. I bought the black raffled silk cardigan from a thrift shop.The Summer hat was bought from my favorite accessories boutique somewhere in downtown.I accessorized it with A fashion silver loop earrings.The total outfit costs 700 php only.You really can't tell right?:D. If you've been reading my previous posts you'll know that I love classy outfits that doesn't cost too much.As the saying goes,"Money can't buy class". I believe it's innate.I'm even so proud of buying cost effective stuffs rather than expensive ones..Not only that you can test how fashionable you are but on how you are good with  managing your money :)
            Nevertheless, Me and my boyfriend's first plan was to go to Adventure Cafe to unwind and be away from the City for awhile.The Cafe is located somewhere in Balamban,Cebu.I haven't been there yet so my boyfriend had planned to take me there but since it was way too far and I don't feel like having a long trip.I suggested for us to go swimming instead. I haven't had time for an outing lately because I 've been very busy with events,my kids and work.My event was postponed and my kids are on vacation with my parents.So this day was very perfect for me to have a chance of wearing my newly bought swimwear.ha ha.He then agreed so I hurriedly tied my hair in a bun,didn't wear any make-up at all(since it's swimming anyway). We chose a hotel that is near our place but still not that costly.They have a nice pool and hotel facilities that can compete with 5 star hotels here in Cebu.We stayed there until evening and it was so freezing cold already when we decided to go home.Time to reveal my outfit :)

Location : Crown Regency Hotel Cebu 

Summer Hat : Aizilym
Silver Fashion Earrings : Genevieve Gozum
High Waist Swimwear : Dash Dolls
Cover Up : Thrifted

Friday, April 5, 2013

Advil Go See

This post is about an outfit that I have worn during last Tuesday's event go see.I wasn't able to update my outfit posts lately because I have been very  lazy  busy.haha. Honestly,I supposedly will have another photo shoot schedule for my outfit posts. Because one of my photographer friends offered to do a shoot with me. I already agreed that's why these past few days I've been holding back with my posts using my boyfie's mobile. But because I was so lazy setting up our shoot schedule,and considering I always need a rest after work and attending other events. Up until now I can't do it with him.So again forgive me a hundred times for not updating my outfit posts :D .
            Moving forward, around 11 am, I was awakened by a call from my manager about a go see for Advil.If some of you are unaware about the product,It's a pain reliever medicine that is made from the U.S.They are in need of brand ambassadors for the brand so I hurriedly fixed myself,  put just a little bit of make-up, wear my contact lenses and went to the go see venue.We were not required to wear a certain attire so I opted to wear A black baby T, my newly bought DIY tribal design  high waist denim gray shorts,combined it with an off white vest that I have bought from a thrift shop months ago.For my footwear,I haven't used my gartered strap heels for a long time so I chose to wear it this time.It only has a 3 inches heels that's why most of the time I only wear this in the office.My boyfriend was the one who suggested to matched it with the outfit. I was in a hurry that time,so I didn't have ample time to think of what accessories I will be wearing.I just grabbed my new earrings and necklace bvlgari stainless set,bracelet and a ring that would match the accessories.Before heading up to the venue.I can't miss the chance of strutting it first...So lovies here's my go see outfit for Advil:)

Bvlgari earrings and necklace stainless set = oro time
Philip Charriol bracelet = rustans (ayala)
Fashion silver ring = emall
Off white vest = thrifted
Black baby T = forever 21
Tribal design highwaist shorts = I tees
Footwear = Mendrez