Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Sunkissed Color Blocks

       I seldom wear orange that's why If you've noticed in my previous posts, this is the first time to post an outfit with this color.(geeesh). I dunno! Maybe I'm just too lazy looking for something to pair up with the color. haha! Rather, I'm just so concious that I might go out of style.lol.
      Nevertheless, this was the 3rd and the last outfit I have worn during my shoot. Since the darkness have already touched the surroundings of the shoot location, my cousin gretchay advised me to wear something colorful so that the outfit will standout.
      Since I was dreadfully tired already, I just grabbed something I have seen right away from my closet.wew. Part of  playing with colors as well, I chose to wear my see through orange top that you can also use as a cover up . I already have a top like this, the gray floral designed top I have worn in my previous post..Moving on, to add glamour to the outfit , I have worn my animal print necktie as a turban. See? you can't tell it's a necktie unless I tell you right? haha.. Fashion is really all about creativity and comfort : D . You don't have to have expensive clothes to stand out. It's the person not the clothes :p Going back ,I opted to match my pink bra for my underwear. Along with the outfit was my yellow stud earrings a multicolored necklace, and philippe chariol bracelet to make it look more lively. The accessories might not match with the outfit but I bet it looks good with it and I suppose I've succeeded  in terms of color blocking :D . Moving on, the bottom outfit for this post was my old brown suede micro mini skirt. I have kept this skirt for almost 3 years now because this is one of my favorites :D Nonetheless, I just opted to wear my skintone havs to complete my summer outfit I have this for 2 years already. It has a sentimental value since this was given by a friend :D . Excited about the outcome of my very own color blocking ? there you go...

Turban = F21
Earrings and Necklace = Aizilym
Bangle = Philippe Chariol
Orange top = Emall Bazaar
Pink Bra underwear = Metro Gaisano Dept. Store
Micro-mini Skirt = Emall Bazaar
Footwear = Havianas

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