Monday, May 6, 2013

Fortune Event

     Good evening lovies!!! :D Today's post is about one of the events I attended these past few days and one of the reasons for being so busy. I was chosen as one the ambassador's of the brand in promoting their new variant . I know some of you are unaware of the brand , so just for fyi FORTUNE is a low end cigarette brand that is very marketable nowadays because cigarettess companies higher their prices 3 times than before coz of the Phil. law.Anyhow, I don't want to dwell much about that because my blog is about my outfits anyways (haha).
      Nonetheless, My first event night's upper attire was a Venus cut sleeveless leather top.There were four models during the bar hop, the other models wore diff. tops than mine.There were black leather halter , haltered peplum And Venus cut with sleeve. Our tops  were matched with a black leather leggings. We we're advised to wear thongs by our manager because panty lines would definitely appear if we'll just wear the normal undies.The outfit's highlight was a green feathered hat which made us look like a majorette from a band (haha) . The outfit's concept was winter because the variant that we were promoting was fortune menthol . So we must wear something cool . Paired it up with a knee length black leather boots which made the outfit really stunning and sexy. Our accessories was a fashion silver loop earrings and fashion diamond bangle and green belt.. I met new co-model friends who I was with during the bar hop and the main concert event. I'm too excited to show it to you...There you go :D

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