Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Getaway @ Montebello

     Today's post is about me and my family's weekend getaway in Montebello Villa Hotel. Me and my boyfie opted to stay in a hotel which is very relaxing in a way that is not that far from the city. This was a perfect location for us to spend time with the kids also to unwind for awhile.
     Of course! I wouldn't forget to post an outfit I have worn when we went swimming in the hotel's pool. This is the second most loved vintage swimwear I have bought from an online shop . Blue and white polka dots combined with fuchsia pink for the underwear is just so striking and stupendous!!! Not to mention that vintage swimwear is the hottest trend in town :) Btw, the cover up I have worn was the same top I have worn in my last post and also the peacock dress was bought from a bazaar shop long time ago,one of my favorites :D.For my footwear, I have worn the flip flops freebies from Watson's when I purchased an item. I'm not so composed for tonight, so let's just skip into too much details and move on with the pictures :)

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