Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fire Goddess

      Good Evening again lovies!!!Tonight I'll be posting an outfit I have worn when I had a fantasy themed photoshoot last week.This was one of the reasons why I was away and haven't had time to blog lately.This shoot was taken just last Saturday around 10 am right after I was out from my graveyard shift.I felt so drained already but since it's still a career,I still have to do my best for this photoshoot right? :D
      So far,this is my favorite photoshoot among the others.Why?Because it was so extravagant and astonishing.My outfit was a red tube corset long gown, accessorized with a red chandelier earrings and red feathers shawl.My hair was tied in a bun.The hair and make up artist placed a colorful net on my head for it to appear like I was wearing a hat.She also put red false lashes on me.Big thanks to her for making me pretty.I looked like a Goddess (wink).With this outfit,I feel like a fire goddess.Someone who's brave,fierce and powerful.It actually suits with my personality.I tend to be dominant in some ways so this is so me (haha).Leaving aside,the shoot was conducted by one of the famous photographers (Mr. Jake Radaza) here in the Philippines.It was his workshop tutorial on photography and photoshop.About 15 photographers joined the session and it lasted for almost 7 hours so as expected,I was horribly tired already.But Still I enjoyed the experience and a huge thanks to all photographers who took these amazing shots.I'm pretty sure you're already curious about the outfit.So lovies,here are some photos of the shoot :D

                                                                  Concept : Fantasy
      HMUA : Chek Dj- Ayhie
Mentor : Jake Radaza
Designer : Vekart Adrao
Photo Creditis: Jhunny Sandoval,Stephen Perez,Mayette Salcedo-Bacatan,Icee Ledesma,RjoF Photography,Allen Berame
Location : Fort SanPedro,Cebu City

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yellow and Neon Combo For Summer

     My sincerest apology for not being able to update my blog lately guys. I was just so busy with a photo shoot that I had last week. I wasn't even able to get enough sleep because it was done after my work.So again forgive me for being m.i.a .
     Nevertheless, Today I will be posting an outfit that I wore when I went to the grocery store to buy some milk and diapers for my 1 year old baby boy :D. Since it's summer season,I opted to wear my newly bought yellow spaghetti straps top from a bazaar shop. If you've noticed I'm a big fan of bazaar shops compared to buying clothes from thrift shops.Simply because it's still cost efficient like thrift shops are and it's brand new (hehe) not to mention that its so stylish as well.  Most of their clothes are from Bangkok,Thailand. Geesh,It has always been a dream to go there and shop :D. There was even one time that I was planing on booking for a flight to Bangkok,but everytime I try scanning for flight details,It still leads me to going to Hongkong (haha). I've been there once and God knows how I've been wanting to go back there,experience Disneyland and Ocean Park one more time.Wew. Moving forward, I still buy clothes from thrift shops though,but not as frequent as in the mall or in bazaar shops. For my bottom I chose my blue denim high waist shorts which I also bought from a bazaar store months ago. I have worn this already during my previous outfit post.For my footwear,I have worn my turquoise blue gladiator sandals from one of my trusted shoe boutique.I matched it with multicolored neon necklace,neon candy arm bracelets and earrings which complimented well with the yellow top . What I love most about this outfit is that It suits well with summer season,it's simple yet still so fabulous.. I'm glad my mix and match of the outfit was still successful. Here's my outfit for that day:D
Accessories: Aizilym
Outfit: Emall Bazaar
Footwear: Primadonna

Friday, March 22, 2013

Out for a Movie Date :)

Hello again dear readers!!!Today's post will be about my summer outfit when me and my boyfriend were on leave from work.We set this date as our movie date (geesh).It's not that we just wanted to have a date on our leave,but we would like to avail the free movie tickets and gift certificates that we have won from the company that we're working with.Isn't that great?We could enjoy each others company at no expense (except for the fair haha).Well,luckily I won gift certificates and what a coincidence he also won movie passes for two.We have won these items for about two weeks now.He had been dying to go to the mall and been bugging me for us to avail these gc's and passes, but I was just too busy lately that's why it was sort of delayed.Sigh.Anyhow,at long last we found ourselves a perfect time to finally go out and unwind.
              Since it's summer time.I chose to wear a combination of purple and pink floral design sexy back dress that my dearest sissy gave me long time ago (hehe). I usually wear this outfit at work,I just don't have a choice but to wear it this time because prior to our date,we have to drop by the Capitol Palace for  another commitment.Going back to my outfit,I also put a purple thick highwaist belt to highlight the curves of my body.(wink).Since you are not gonna be allowed to enter the capitol premises if you are wearing sleeveless or shorts,I just paired it with my newly bought black rafflle cardigan from a thrift shop for it to be somehow conservative.So obviously I can't wear shorts that time (wew).But right after were done dropping by there,I already removed the cardigan.It's so humid these days so it's not gonna be a good idea to wear long sleeves outfit when you're outdoor.Moving forward,as for the accessories,I matched it with a multicolored floral loop earrings,pink bangle and my owl ring which is absolutely perfect for the outfit.For my footwear,I have worn my red low wedges to add class and elegance to the outfit.These wedges were supposedly my gift to my mom during her birthday.But she doesn't really wear heels so I get to wear it more often than her(haha).Good thing we both have the same shoe size so she just let me use the shoes that I bought for her (hahaha).Now I won't be ellaborating these statements anymore...Time for my outfit shots :D

Earrings and Ring : Aizilym
Bangle : Genevieve Gozum
Highwaist belt : Parkmall
Dress: WAGW
Shoes : Primadonna

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


         Good evening friends !!! I know election is fast approaching but don't get confused with my outfit for this event OK?I'm not in any way running for any position in the politics (haha)  :D Today's outfit post will be about my recent event.The Cebu Chamber of Commerce Conference Event. I was one of the 20 chosen models to usher 300 delegates for this event.The event lasted for 3 days but I was only able to join for 2 days because of other commitments,that's my graveyard work. I was kind of sad I wasn't able to attend the 3rd day event because the outfit for that day were long gowns by Ma. Elena. one of the well known fashion designer here in Cebu.I so missed the chance of strutting one of her creations.Sigh.Anyhow,since I was only able to join for 2 days and since it was a formal event.The outfit for those 2 days were white long sleeve embroidered pineapple cloth which was provided by the event organizer.Lots of delegates were very impressed with the outfit because it was so native.For the inner part,they required us to wear a white or black tank or tube top.Again I don't have any and I don't have time to buy anymore because of so many commitments like orientation and work.So again I lend my top from my model friends whose also one of the model/usherette for the event(problem solved again,haha).For the bottom part of the outfit,they required us to wear a black slacks,if possible elephant style.I was so glad that my mom have plenty of slacks available in her closet.So again I borrowed it from her.Geesh.I apologize if my shoes were not shown in this post.I actually forgot to inform the photographer to include my shoes.;) But anyways I wore my black pumps for this event.(If you've read about my previous post).Most of the time I do.As for the accessories,we were also advised to wear stud earrings.Most preferably a pair of stud pearl earrings.Luckily,My cousin left her earrings in my boarding house.What a coincidence!So again, this is hers (haha). Moving on,I wore my new favorite fashion gold necklace with pearls which I bought from one of  favorite boutiques at the mall when they had their 50% sale.The moment I've seen this I've already fell in love with the accessory.Not only that you can use this as a necklace but you also can use this a a fashion belt.So I took it off it's stand right away and paid it through the counter.I won't exaggerate it anymore.Here is my event outfit ..

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ring Hop

           Good day to all :D .Due to my very busy schedule lately,I wasn't able to update my blog for quite sometime now.This time,I will be posting another outfit that I have worn during University of San Jose-Recoletos CICCT Ring Hop Ceremony.I was not one of the candidates during this ceremony or an usherette.I just accompanied my boyfriend because his younger sister Harice was one of them.His family invited me as well and since we both didn't have work that day,might as well share the celebration with them:D .
           Now time for my outfit details.I chose to wear my Black raffled tube dress that I bought from one of my favorite boutiques at a very affordable price.This dress is one of my favorite outfit ever .I even wore this the time I was pregnant with my baby boy Zack because I still feel sexy wearing this back then even if I had a bump already(hehe).Going back,I accessorized it with a black choker floral design necklace which I bought from my favorite accessories store somewhere in downtown.They dropped off it's price at 50% so it was such a good timing when I went shopping there.The prices of accessories there are all very cost effective.You can already buy lots of items with your thousand peso compared to the mall.Anyhow,I paired my necklace with a pearl bracelet (which you can also use as a necklace) that my sister gave me.Together with the fashion gold ring that I just bought from a bazaar and a stoned ring that my friend also gave.The bag I used for this outfit was also the one I bought in a bazaar months ago .This was the same bag I used during our company christmas party.:D.For my shoes,Ive been dying to wear my gold and black 2 inches sandals  that I also bought in my favorite shoe boutique.It was unplanned when I bought this pair of sandals.There was just this one time when me,my boyfriend and my son was strolling at the mall.When we passed by the boutique I saw a big signage of the shoe prices.They're on a 70% off sale!!!I went inside right away to check it out and my boyfriend was even jokingly pulling me off for me not to get it (haha).So there you go,when I checked their shoes that were on sale,without any doubt I bought it :D(tsadasshh hahaha).And now I'm wearing it already.I won't be exaggerating these statements anymore.I know you're exited to check out my outfit ... There you go ...
Accessories :Aizilym
Tube Dress: Mint
Bag : Emall Bazaar
Sandals : Linea Italia

Cebu Chambers Event Go See :D

     Good evening dear readers!!! I apologize for not updating my blog lately.I was just so busy with go sees and an event that I have attended,not to mention that I also am working at night.So my schedule lately was very hectic,wew.Anyhow, I will be posting an outfit that I wore when I had a go see with Cebu Chamber of Commerce Conference.It was their international conference,with 300 delegates around the world.So this was one of the big events I have joined.There were almost 40 models that attended their go see and luckily I was one of the 20 models that were chosen. Thank God I made it :D .Moving on,we were advised to wear a casual chic outfit for our go see,since we will be dealing with business men and professionals.I wore a long sleeve zebra print dress,accentuated it with my ever favorite brown leather belt and black pumps.Since it'll be a formal event.I accessorized my outfit with gold stud earrings with swarovsky crystals on it,fashion gold tiger pendant necklace,my favorite fashion gold bangle,and my so adorable gold ring that I just bought from a bazaar few weeks ago...Excited about how I looked like that day?Here it is...
Accesories : Aizilym
Dress: Isis
Pumps : People are People

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tyler 's Birthday

         Good Morning again ladies and gents :D Here's another outfit post during my Godchild's 1st birthday party.Tyler is his name,he's so handsome and adorable :D.He is my best friend's only son and just a month older than my baby boy :D.How time flies so fast.I can still remember when we were both pregnant sharing pregnancy tips.Now her baby already turned one.So this was the event for this post.Moving on to my outfit,Since I rarely wear fuchsia pink outfits (this is one of those rare moments haha ). I just wore a fuchsia pink  tank top spaghetti straps that I bought from a bazaar at a mall right across Sm City Cebu.I matched it with a soft fabric blue elephant pants which I also brought from a bazaar inside a mall near our place.Since it'll be a children's party that I'm gonna be attending,I chose to wear my comfy blue wedges this time.As what I've said in my previous post,I don't really mind buying clothes in a thrift shop or in a bazaar.But when it comes to my shoes,I prefer buying the signature ones.At the end of the day,it'll be the one that will bring you to the beautiful places here on earth.So it should serve it's purpose, it must be fab and durable enough right?lol :p.Anyways,I accessorized it with my first chandelier necklace.Combination of blue and white buttons which is very perfect for the outfit.Also just a simple stud earrings and a blue bangle that I brought from Hongkong way back 2008 during my trip there.I'm a good keeper as well.See i was able to keep my bangle for 5 years already,And lastly a blue belt just to accentuate the pants I wore...So here goes my outfit :)
Accesories : Aizilym
Tank Top Spaghetti Straps : Emall Bazaar
Blue Starps Wedges : People Are People

Whirlwind Plan

Girls often change their minds and this outfit post is one of the concrete proof to that :p.I just got up from  a four hour sleep.I was just planning to stay at home and just take a rest because I still have a work at night.But I felt bored so I decided to go to the mall to buy some stuff that my eyes would love (=D).I felt so lazy fixing and even combing my hair so the usual stuff,I just tied my hair in a bun and put an empress turban on it .I'm not really fond of putting too much make up on my face.Just an eyebrow and a lip gloss will do...This violet dress was my mom’s gift.I paired it with my lavender ballet shoes and my animal print bag.So here I am strutting my pose before heading up to the mall..happy shopping day guys :)

Accessories : Aizilym
Dress : Mom's Gift
Bag : Maze
Ballet Shoes : Le donne