Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Floral Ball Gown Illusion

This day was just a normal sunny day.And this is the one that I was talking about in my previous post.My comfy outfit :) I was on my way to the mall when this was taken (thanks again to my ever supportive boyfriend for taking this shot :D. What I love about the top is that it's floral design is not so common,considering its color and texture,I bought the belly bottom shorts in a downtown bazaar at a very affordable price.See?Being classy doesn't necessarily have to be expensive all the time,I don't even mind buying clothes in a thrift shop.I also don't dwell too much on branded clothes.It's really on how you carry yourself with the outfit and for as long as you know how to mix and match it with the right shoe and accessories.BTW,I accessorized it with a black fashion earrings which I also bought at a very affordable price,a choker necklace,and a multicolored bangle that my friend gave me.Since I'll only be strolling at the mall,I opted to wear a comfy black ballet shoes.I am not an impulsive buyer type as well,I think almost all the girls aren't.I got it from my mom.What my boyfriend is suffering right now is what I had experienced when I was young("suffering"  haha WORD!!! :p).My mom seemed so undecided to buy what she really wanted and chose to explore the entire mall first before finally deciding.When me and my boyfriend are out shopping,he often complains his feet are already aching(haha). I love dropping by  the department store and most of the boutiques that I love first before finally buying the things I want,that is the main reason why I don't wear heels at the mall :D.I told you I got this attitude from my mom (:p).But still,I see it as a positive attitude,though it's kinda exhausting at times,it prevents you from having the "buyers remorse" feeling.At least you get to pick the right things for you (wink).Going back to my outfit,Since it was very sunny that day.I brought with me a floral umbrella that my mom gave me.My boyfriend noticed that it complimented the top I was wearing.In fact he was the one who conceptualized the outfit post "Floral Ball Gown Illusion" .He then instructed me to put the umbrella underneath my shorts so it'll look like a skirt.I was really amazed when I saw the shot,It really seemed like a ballgown dress.The umbrella matched well with the top,And it looked like I will be attending a garden party.This is the highlight of this post,now lemme show you what I am talking about :D

Earrings : Aizilym
Floral Top : WAGW
Shorts : Downtown Bazar
Shoes: KIMI

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