Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Simple Yet still Sexy

       This outfit post was requested by Philip Morris for my upcoming event.Apart from working in a call center environment,I do event,image and ramp modelling as well.So expect that some of my blogs will be about my outfit event shots.This was a portfolio for Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation.The company asked for a portfolio wearing a white fitted blouse or tank top paired with skinny jeans and high heels.Nowadays wearing a pair of skinny jeans or any type of  jeans is not an option for me (unless required).Instead, I prefer wearing shorts.It's because I'm not really comfy wearing jeans specially this summer season.Anyways,going back to my outfit,they also required it to be as simple as possible.I really didn't have any plain white top in my closet.I gave mine away years ago.My boyfriend offered his tank top instead,as expected it was so big for me.So what I did,I asked him to tie it at the back so it'll look fitted. If you've noticed on my previous post,I'm a cost efficient person(in a way,haha).So obviously, I wouldn't buy something which I think I can't really make use of.That's why I chose to borrow his tank top instead,which he anyways offered nicely (:p).I paired it with my skinny jeans,brown leather belt with a gold ribbon buckle,and my all time favorite black pumps.Well most of the time I wear this during events,its black so you can match it with any outfit,I also borrowed his dog tag,I think it looks cool with it :D .So much for my outfit statements,lemme show you my portfolio :D

Necklace: Stainless Dogtag http://jqispen-meister.blogspot.com/
Denim Skinny Jeans : Dickies
Black Suede Pumps : People Are People
Photo credits: Jq Quiñanola

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