Monday, March 18, 2013

Ring Hop

           Good day to all :D .Due to my very busy schedule lately,I wasn't able to update my blog for quite sometime now.This time,I will be posting another outfit that I have worn during University of San Jose-Recoletos CICCT Ring Hop Ceremony.I was not one of the candidates during this ceremony or an usherette.I just accompanied my boyfriend because his younger sister Harice was one of them.His family invited me as well and since we both didn't have work that day,might as well share the celebration with them:D .
           Now time for my outfit details.I chose to wear my Black raffled tube dress that I bought from one of my favorite boutiques at a very affordable price.This dress is one of my favorite outfit ever .I even wore this the time I was pregnant with my baby boy Zack because I still feel sexy wearing this back then even if I had a bump already(hehe).Going back,I accessorized it with a black choker floral design necklace which I bought from my favorite accessories store somewhere in downtown.They dropped off it's price at 50% so it was such a good timing when I went shopping there.The prices of accessories there are all very cost effective.You can already buy lots of items with your thousand peso compared to the mall.Anyhow,I paired my necklace with a pearl bracelet (which you can also use as a necklace) that my sister gave me.Together with the fashion gold ring that I just bought from a bazaar and a stoned ring that my friend also gave.The bag I used for this outfit was also the one I bought in a bazaar months ago .This was the same bag I used during our company christmas party.:D.For my shoes,Ive been dying to wear my gold and black 2 inches sandals  that I also bought in my favorite shoe boutique.It was unplanned when I bought this pair of sandals.There was just this one time when me,my boyfriend and my son was strolling at the mall.When we passed by the boutique I saw a big signage of the shoe prices.They're on a 70% off sale!!!I went inside right away to check it out and my boyfriend was even jokingly pulling me off for me not to get it (haha).So there you go,when I checked their shoes that were on sale,without any doubt I bought it :D(tsadasshh hahaha).And now I'm wearing it already.I won't be exaggerating these statements anymore.I know you're exited to check out my outfit ... There you go ...
Accessories :Aizilym
Tube Dress: Mint
Bag : Emall Bazaar
Sandals : Linea Italia

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