Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Dazzling Christmas

Let me start my first outfit post here in blogspot with our company Christmas Party.The theme was "A Dazzling Christmas", which was held at Robinland.When me and my boyfriend found out about the theme,we hurriedly went to the mall and shopped for some outfits.I didn't actually win this outfit event.my office mate and friend did.She wore a long sequin dress which was very suited for the event.I didn't opt to buy something really dazzling because I didn't find it worth it just for an occasion.I looked for something you can wear even when you're out with girlfriends partying.So I chose to buy a metallic gold tube dress for this event.I myself find it classy and fabulous.Paired it with Black and Gold Choker necklace,a fashion gold bracelet, black pumps and a black and white sling satchel bag which I bought at a very low price.I love the combination.I'm so ready for the party :D

Necklace: Aizilym
Dress and Pumps : People Are People