Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lace Up

Hello readers!!!Here's another outfit post of some of my daily office attire.If you've read my previous post,I am now currently working in a BPO company here in Cebu (PH).So I'm always on a graveyard shift and I prefer to have my outfit shots taken after work,rather in the morning.Why?It's because the outfit I'm gonna be wearing will be much appreciated in daytime :D . Even if most of the time I am dead tired already,I still can't miss the chance of doing an outfit shot,specially if I like the outfit I'm wearing.hehe.Moving on lemme start my outfit statement with the necklace I wore this time,if you've also noticed it's sort of out of trend already.Yet I still love it,one of the attitudes that I have towards fashion is that I am the type of person who doesn't really want to follow a style especially if it's the "hottest trend in town" rather almost all the girls are already wearing it . I want to be unique but of course still not being out of fashion.I'd like to be different in a way that I'll still stand out in the crowd,still sticking with being classy and fabulous (wink).And this necklace I have worn,though it's not a trend anymore,it still is with "class".Now going back to my accessories I paired with this outfit,a fashion gold stud earrings
,my favorite fashion gold bracelet with black bead stones which is kind of expensive but I love it so much.So that still matters (haha) and also a stoned ring given by a friend (again) :p.I wore a vintage lace peplum dress this time.twas' so affordable almost the same price of my bracelet (lol).
One of my favorite dress.It's because it fits well to me and it highlights the curves of my body :D.I usually pair this dress with my black pumps  but since I haven’t worn my black wedges for quite sometime now,I chose to wear it this time.And I guess it still looks good…Hope you will also agree with me girlies :)

Necklace and Earrings : Aizilym
Bracelet : Robinson's dept. store
Dress : Emall Bazar
Wedge: Emall Bazar

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