Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boyfriend's Polo

Good morning guys!Forgive me coz I look tired in this outfit post.This was taken after my work,I work at night so this was around 8 am,I was dead tired already.Wew.Moving on, the baby pink polo I have worn was my boyfriends'.I'm not really fond of wearing pink coz I find it so girlie,specially fuchsia pink,I find it not good to look at (geesh).I seldom wear clothes with that color.But his polo is just the cutest.Well,maybe because it's pastel  (no wonder pastel pink is a baby color).When I woke up to prepare my outfit for work, I remembered I bought new set of accessories and  thought it would suit well with this polo.I matched it with a baby blue skirt that I bought months ago in a department store.Again,at a very affordable price :D.I was not able to wear it yet because I can't seem to find a top that would perfectly match with it.I'm positive the polo matched with the skirt so well.The accessories I bought were very colorful,it added more life to the outfit.Since its summer anyway, the colorful the better,of course we still have to consider the right combination of colors.My shoes for this outfit are my first pair of espadrilles,my boyfriend was the one who chose this for me,he's got a good taste right?(wide grin).So there you go, I tried experimenting,pink polo and blue skirt matched with baby pink espadrilles,!I love the combination, hope you’ll love it too :D

Accesories : Aizilym
Polo: Dockers (Bf's Closet :D)
Skirt : Metro Gaisano
Espadrilles : So Fab

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