Tuesday, March 19, 2013


         Good evening friends !!! I know election is fast approaching but don't get confused with my outfit for this event OK?I'm not in any way running for any position in the politics (haha)  :D Today's outfit post will be about my recent event.The Cebu Chamber of Commerce Conference Event. I was one of the 20 chosen models to usher 300 delegates for this event.The event lasted for 3 days but I was only able to join for 2 days because of other commitments,that's my graveyard work. I was kind of sad I wasn't able to attend the 3rd day event because the outfit for that day were long gowns by Ma. Elena. one of the well known fashion designer here in Cebu.I so missed the chance of strutting one of her creations.Sigh.Anyhow,since I was only able to join for 2 days and since it was a formal event.The outfit for those 2 days were white long sleeve embroidered pineapple cloth which was provided by the event organizer.Lots of delegates were very impressed with the outfit because it was so native.For the inner part,they required us to wear a white or black tank or tube top.Again I don't have any and I don't have time to buy anymore because of so many commitments like orientation and work.So again I lend my top from my model friends whose also one of the model/usherette for the event(problem solved again,haha).For the bottom part of the outfit,they required us to wear a black slacks,if possible elephant style.I was so glad that my mom have plenty of slacks available in her closet.So again I borrowed it from her.Geesh.I apologize if my shoes were not shown in this post.I actually forgot to inform the photographer to include my shoes.;) But anyways I wore my black pumps for this event.(If you've read about my previous post).Most of the time I do.As for the accessories,we were also advised to wear stud earrings.Most preferably a pair of stud pearl earrings.Luckily,My cousin left her earrings in my boarding house.What a coincidence!So again, this is hers (haha). Moving on,I wore my new favorite fashion gold necklace with pearls which I bought from one of  favorite boutiques at the mall when they had their 50% sale.The moment I've seen this I've already fell in love with the accessory.Not only that you can use this as a necklace but you also can use this a a fashion belt.So I took it off it's stand right away and paid it through the counter.I won't exaggerate it anymore.Here is my event outfit ..

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