Monday, March 25, 2013

Yellow and Neon Combo For Summer

     My sincerest apology for not being able to update my blog lately guys. I was just so busy with a photo shoot that I had last week. I wasn't even able to get enough sleep because it was done after my work.So again forgive me for being m.i.a .
     Nevertheless, Today I will be posting an outfit that I wore when I went to the grocery store to buy some milk and diapers for my 1 year old baby boy :D. Since it's summer season,I opted to wear my newly bought yellow spaghetti straps top from a bazaar shop. If you've noticed I'm a big fan of bazaar shops compared to buying clothes from thrift shops.Simply because it's still cost efficient like thrift shops are and it's brand new (hehe) not to mention that its so stylish as well.  Most of their clothes are from Bangkok,Thailand. Geesh,It has always been a dream to go there and shop :D. There was even one time that I was planing on booking for a flight to Bangkok,but everytime I try scanning for flight details,It still leads me to going to Hongkong (haha). I've been there once and God knows how I've been wanting to go back there,experience Disneyland and Ocean Park one more time.Wew. Moving forward, I still buy clothes from thrift shops though,but not as frequent as in the mall or in bazaar shops. For my bottom I chose my blue denim high waist shorts which I also bought from a bazaar store months ago. I have worn this already during my previous outfit post.For my footwear,I have worn my turquoise blue gladiator sandals from one of my trusted shoe boutique.I matched it with multicolored neon necklace,neon candy arm bracelets and earrings which complimented well with the yellow top . What I love most about this outfit is that It suits well with summer season,it's simple yet still so fabulous.. I'm glad my mix and match of the outfit was still successful. Here's my outfit for that day:D
Accessories: Aizilym
Outfit: Emall Bazaar
Footwear: Primadonna

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