Thursday, March 7, 2013

Candyland Party

Happy Fly day Guys!!!Ill be posting one of my favorite jumpskort outfit for today. This outfit shot was taken during my son’s 1st birthday party, his birthday theme was what the title entails :) Forgive me for my frowning face because I was not in the mood for this shot.I was so stressed out preparing for his party and also this shot was very candid (taken by my loving boyfriend).Anyways,My outfit for this day
should compliment with his birthday theme.So I chose to wear a mix of mint green and baby pink polka dots jump skort.I didn't dwell on overly accessorizing it at all.Since it's my son's birthday,I'll be carrying him most of the time,so accessorizing my outfit would be a bad idea because he will just pull it all off (hehe).Now your convinced(wink).Instead,I just matched it with my set of gold necklace and earrings,multicolored bangle and stoned ring.Included in this post was my DIY lollipop balloons which I created overnight :D.Being a mom is a very tough job.It's the toughest job compared to being a sales specialist and a it's the sweetest and priceless job ever.Just seeing your kids happy and healthy.God,I couldn't ask for more.Anyways,so much for the melodrama,haha.Going back to my outfit,My footwear was my fit flops that my aunt gave me.But I wore my black pumps when we were at the event already.Well I have a very generous people around me.They don't get tired sponsoring my outfits.So if you want to be one of them just hit me a message ok?(:D)We’re actually heading up to the party to prepare for my son's party designs and concepts.I was so exhausted that day but all my efforts were worth it because everyone enjoyed the party.My co-models even told me my outfit was so cute and it seemed like I was the one who’s celebrating my own candy land party.haha.I hope you guys find it cute too :D Now it's time for my outfit pics.

Necklace and Earrings:  Oro Gold
Jumpskort: Downtown Bazar
Slippers: Fit Flops

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