Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Fire Goddess

      Good Evening again lovies!!!Tonight I'll be posting an outfit I have worn when I had a fantasy themed photoshoot last week.This was one of the reasons why I was away and haven't had time to blog lately.This shoot was taken just last Saturday around 10 am right after I was out from my graveyard shift.I felt so drained already but since it's still a career,I still have to do my best for this photoshoot right? :D
      So far,this is my favorite photoshoot among the others.Why?Because it was so extravagant and astonishing.My outfit was a red tube corset long gown, accessorized with a red chandelier earrings and red feathers shawl.My hair was tied in a bun.The hair and make up artist placed a colorful net on my head for it to appear like I was wearing a hat.She also put red false lashes on me.Big thanks to her for making me pretty.I looked like a Goddess (wink).With this outfit,I feel like a fire goddess.Someone who's brave,fierce and powerful.It actually suits with my personality.I tend to be dominant in some ways so this is so me (haha).Leaving aside,the shoot was conducted by one of the famous photographers (Mr. Jake Radaza) here in the Philippines.It was his workshop tutorial on photography and photoshop.About 15 photographers joined the session and it lasted for almost 7 hours so as expected,I was horribly tired already.But Still I enjoyed the experience and a huge thanks to all photographers who took these amazing shots.I'm pretty sure you're already curious about the outfit.So lovies,here are some photos of the shoot :D

                                                                  Concept : Fantasy
      HMUA : Chek Dj- Ayhie
Mentor : Jake Radaza
Designer : Vekart Adrao
Photo Creditis: Jhunny Sandoval,Stephen Perez,Mayette Salcedo-Bacatan,Icee Ledesma,RjoF Photography,Allen Berame
Location : Fort SanPedro,Cebu City

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