Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink for Vday

     Heres another post about my valentines day outfit.Please bare with me guys for backtracking my previous outfits in my posts.These outfits were my previous posts from my facebook account.Since itwas just this month that I was finally convinced to blog my daily outfit statement.My office mate and friend who has a lookbook account already told me about blogging months ago and kept on convincing me to hop-in,in the blogging world.All of those were just in my facebook then.I even declined the invitation at first because I'm already too busy with my call center and modelling career,And besides,I am a very laid back person.Most of the time if It's my rest day from work or I'm not busy with an event,I just love to lie down on my bed and just relax (haha),also I'm too lazy to think about writing stuffs.That was my reason for declining.But later did I realize that I've been posting lots of outfits already and it's not enough to detail my outfit shots in fb.So now, I'm here blogging already (wink).
         OK I'm done explaining about me hopping-in,in the blogging world.Now it's about time for my outfit details.As what the title entails,this was my outfit last Feb. 14.Me and my boyfriend celebrated it in our office.Since him and I work in the same company,not to mention that we're also teammates(lol).So valentines day was still worth remembering for me :).Moving on,the management required us to wear something red or pink for the girls and blue for the boys.I don't have a red outfit anymore so I just chose wearing this pink and blue stripes dress that my older sister lend  me(not another borrowed thing lol).This was hers,I borrowed this from her months ago for a go see that I had attended.I just didn't get the chance of returning it to her because she lives far from our place and our schedule couldn't seem to meet.Going back, I wore a black cardigan as well,I bought it months ago in a thrift shop.Apart from the fact that it's prohibited to wear sleeveless in our office.It's so freezing cold as well.So it's best to wear a jacket,coat or blazers.Also,It's black to match with the shoes I was wearing.So that's basically about it :p.The accessories were just a pair of fashion gold chandelier earrings.I didn't wear a necklace anymore coz  the earrings alone will be stunning enough for the outfit.(well I don't want to be overly accessorized :).So there you go,heres my outfit that day :D

Earrings: Aizilym
Dress: WAGW
Cardigan : Thrifted

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