Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Birthday Soiree 2013 (Birthday Bash Part Two)

            Tadaaaah!!! I will be updating my blog again considering what I have promised in my previous blog . That I will be posting my birthday celebration part two, not to mention my birthday party ensemble . This time I partied with my office mates and co-models. I wasn't really planning on partying anymore because I was already appeased that I celebrated my birthday with my family and loved ones. As a matter of fact, my boyfie was even the one who insisted on throwing me a soiree. The party was held last Saturday night (Nov. 16,2013) because we wanted  it agreeable for us and to all of our friends considering it was our rest day from work.

           Nonetheless, We opted to throw the party at Club Holic, a newly opened club here in Cebu City ,Philippines. The original venue was at the same club where I celebrated my birthday last year (Club Bai). But since there is a newly opened bar here in Cebu, We decided to explore something new.It was also very spacious and perfect for a soiree compared to Club Bai. So He then reserved a V.I.P table for twenty. It was worth exploring though because we did enjoy the cozy ambiance and the astounding music of the place.  I was also gratified  that all of us had fun and went home drunk. One of the most unforgettable birthdays I've ever had I would say. :D

            Moving on to my birthday ensemble part two :D. As soon as I realized that my boyfie will throw me a birthday soiree, A week prior to the party date, I, together with my son and boyfie, went to a mall to scour and shop for a wardrobe. I was genuinely planning on going for a " rock star"  look just for the sake of alteration, but he revoked that idea. He said he wanted me to look stunning and glamorous like my normal pick when it comes to party ensembles. He even said that It's my birthday that we'll be celebrating and not just a normal party, so I was convinced. We ran along to my favorite boutique and scour party wardrobes there. After an hour of fitting , I finally picked a purple Venus cut bandage dress.I selected this color considering It's a special day. I opt for a color that symbolizes royalty and piety and besides, I don't have a purple party dress yet. lol. Regardless, I decided to pair it with a tricolor high wedges which I also bought in the same boutique. A combination of  royal blue and turquoise on the straps and purple on the heels . The moment I tried those wedges on, I knew that it was a best choice. Heaven must have guided me when selecting because it was so perfect for the dress. lol . Moving on to my accessories. I picked my newly bought fashion gold blanket statement earrings and gold bangles. I didn't over accessorize it anymore because the wardrobe is enough to look stupendous for the night. I guess I'm done expounding my ensemble.!And now where on to the most interesting part! Pictures!!!Special thanks to my official photographer Edge Ramas. Thank you so much for covering my special day :D teehee

Earrings = Aizylim 
Bangles = Philippe Chariol ; Fashion Pleasures
Purple Venus Cut Dress = People R People
Tri-color High Wedges = People R People
Black and White Sling Bag = Emall Bazaar

Party Time!!!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday Bash 2013 ( Part One )

              Birthday is the anniversary of the day on which a person was born. It is the day of thanks giving to    the Lord above for giving us another year to live a wonderful and prosperous life. So
 any hint about tonight's blog update lovies? haha. Good guess! Tonight I will happily share to all of you how I celebrated my birthday day last November 12,2013 :D.

            I was really excited to celebrate my day specially when it comes to my birthday ensemble. I chose to wear Pink and Yellow combo which is another ensemble experiment. Pink represents love and compassion. It is also associated with tenderness,kindness and generosity. It is a very relaxing and soothing color. In addition, Yellow is the color of mind and intellect. It is the color that represent being optimistic and cheerful. So that's basically one the reasons behind blending both colors on my birthday. Because this years celebration was full of happiness and love  :D . Nonetheless, I preferred on wearing my new comfy ensembles for the day since we will just be having lunch. I wore my new pastel pink chiffon top with leopard accent. Matching it with my mustard high waist floral shorts with a fuse of my yellow thin bow belt. It was not just an ordinary day so I went for mind-blowing look. So I decided to wear my chunky gold lion necklace and bracelet , black beaded cross, love arm candies and my brown leather rose gold statement watch .  The  footwear that will be perfect for the ensemble must coordinate with the bottom , So I picked on wearing my yellow square toed flats. It was very sunny so I didn't forget wearing my classy aviator sunglasses before I going outside out the house.

            After prepping up, I started my day by going to Sto. NiƱo Church with my family for thanks giving . I grew up being used to having a house party sponsored by my parents so ever since I reached adulthood, I preferred to just eat out and treat my family to dinner. This time, I chose to just treat them for lunch because I'm on a strict diet (modelling maintenance lol) . Nevertheless, right after thanksgiving, we headed straight to Lighthouse Restaurant. It is one of me and my boyfie's  favorite restaurants here in Cebu City, Philippines because they serve scrumptious and delightful foods. I wasn't really expecting any surprises that day though I know my boyfie is an expert on that because I was the one who set that lunch up for my family. But when we arrived at the restaurant, I was welcomed with a
birthday song by the musicians. That was just the start because when they were almost done singing, A waitress walked towards me holding a champagne glass of ice cream with a birthday candle on top. As a birthday tradition, I made a wish and blew the candle after the song and they all greeted me "Happy Birthday!!!". Then another lady holding a bouquet of red roses approached me and hand me over the flowers, greeting and telling me she was asked to have the bouquet delivered. That moment It already penetrated to me that it was really my birthday after all. lol. I also enjoyed the lunch that we've shared because I ordered all of my favorite viands. I always tend to forget my diet specially when a "crispy pata", grilled squid , "kare-kare" and coconut crab is part of the menu. So today is "forget the diet day" haha. After having lunch with family. Me and my boyfie's next stop was at bubble bee tea house to meet my best friend since she wasn't able to catch up for our lunch. She lives in the South that's why she came late. She was already forgiven though for she is already 8 mos. pregnant yet she still travelled alone bringing my one year old godchild with her.. See her effort just to be with me on my special day? Geesh !!! My best friend for 8 years is the sweetest I know! yay! Moving on, we loosened up at the tea house and did our bonding the entire afternoon. Around 5 pm I have to go home already because I expected that I still have a shift that evening . That was just the first part of my birthday celebration. Next blog update will be the part two.. Keep track lovies :D tee hee!!!