Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Biker Babes Community Work (Tabang Sugbohol)

    Just arrived Cebu all the way from Bohol. That's why I preferred blogging tonight because the very memorable experience there was still so fresh to me.

        Last Sunday night, I recieved a call from my manager about an event going to Bohol. He informed me that we will be giving away relief goods to the people in Tubigon who were most affected by the earthquake that struck Central Visayas last Oct. 15,2013. When I found out about the details on what we will be doing on that certain event, Without any adverseness I right away said "YES" . The day after that, I together with the 3 models who were with me during the event and with clients as well, boarded ship around 5 am and arrived Tubigon around 7 am. We headed straight to Sagbayan to start giving away the relief goods we have prepared for them. When we were on our way to our first itinerary, We personally witnessed the very tragic incident that transpired the place. Almost all establishments and houses were torn apart if not, totally wrecked. I've already seen some of those in the news but It's a whole lot different when you get to witness it in person. It really caused more goose bumps to us. The  people there were still in the evacuation area and were just inside their tents not to mention the rain was starting to pour really hard . Approximately we gave out 150 relief goods for each family in our first itinerary which was Sagbayan. Our Second and last stop was in Danao . The situation there was a little better compared to Sagbayan because the people there were no longer staying in the evacuation area.They already returned to their respective houses. The plan was still to distribute other goods in a different area but we can't pass through anymore for the reason that the area was already secluded because of a broken bridge. After giving out our goods in Danao, We were in a rush because we were catching up for the next trip going back to Cebu which was supposedly at 7pm of the same day. When we already reached the pier, We were informed that a typhoon is approaching Central Visayas and that all ships were restricted from cruising by the Philippine Coast Guard. I wanted to cry because there was nothing that we could possibly do but wait til morning or until the typhoon have already passed by Central Visayas. We tried to look for a pension house so we could stay temporarily but all of it were booked.While we were rambling the road and searching for a place to stay, It was  raining hard and the road was very dark due to absence of lights in their posts .Good thing our boss was able to contact his old friend and he let us stay in his house overnight. Finally when morning came, We were already able to book a ticket and had a safe trip back to Cebu.

        Before I finally Forget,Our ensemble for this event was a denim shorts matched with a pair of rubber shoes for the bottom and our black biker babe t-shirt for our top. I preferred accessorizing it with my black and gold spikes bracelet because the event sponsors were Star Touring which is all about motorcycle rides. We were asked to just wear rubber shoes instead of boots for comfort. My experience when I was in Bohol was really tough but I'm still glad I experienced that because if I haven't? I wouldn't be sharing this right now. Teehee :D

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