Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ze Bikerbabe :D

              Hiyah!!! Tonight I will be blogging about my latest modelling event which was held last October 26,2013. It was the annual gathering of large-scale bikers and motorcycle clubs worldwide. The event was filled with exhibitions, seminars and bike competitions.
              Last Year's Biketoberfest was held on the same date in the same venue which was in Asia Town It Park Cebu. Gathered close to 3000 participants hailing from the Visayas and Mindanao regions during its three-say run, along with a number of member-participants representing different clubs and organizations based in different parts of the world.
             Moving on, another thing that made me really happy and blog about it today is that It's also my anniversary in the event modelling. I feel so blessed to still be a part of this event and luckily was chosen among one of the 20 models who ushered members-participants which I also did last year.

             Since the event was about motorcycle and big bikes, our event ensemble must compliment to the riders. We have worn leather boots and sexy white shorts for the bottom and cropped t-shirt top. Last year's top was a black t-shirt and this year it's white. Needless to say, Lemme show you my Biketoberfest 2012 and 2013 ensemble with motorbikes along with the other models too :D teehee!!!!

                                                                                                         B I K E T O B E R F E S T    2 0 1 2


                                                                                                         B I K E T O B E R F E S T    2 0 1 3

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