Monday, October 28, 2013

Dinner Date 17th :D

       Good evening once again lovies! It's Monday and tonight I will be blogging about my ensemble yesterday when me and my boyfie went out to celebrate our 17 months of togetherness. Geesh! 'twas like yesterday since we just started lol. Nevertheless, We opted to celebrate our day in one of the fine dining restaurants in Crown Regency Hotel Cebu . Prior to that, he accompanied me to a spa to do my monthly beauty routine still in the same hotel we have dined. He waited for about an hour (he's is very patient in waiting by the way lol) .
         Moving on,  My ensemble yesterday was a dark blue high waist shorts topped with a black spaghetti straps and covered it up with my new melon orange chiffon blazer. I just saw it at the mall boutique when I was window shopping last Saturday and they dropped it's price to 50% off . If you've been reading my previous post,I'm  very practical when it comes to shopping. And as a practical shopper, without adverseness, I grabbed and paid for it. It was a chance for me to grab! Buying stuff  that is included on my "to buy " list at a very affordable price! I wouldn't buy it if its on a regular price anyway.haha . Regardless, I have worn my chunky rose gold accessories from my very own online shop ( Fashion Pleasures) . Since It was also a laid back Sunday where I didn't have any modelling commitment,  I chose to wear my leopard sneakers for my footwear. Me and my boyfie really enjoyed our night and the romantic dinner together. Excited about my ensemble last night? In 3..2...1... there you go :D

Accessories: Fashion Pleasures
 Melon Orange Chiffon Blazer : Isis
Black Spaghetti Straps Tank Top : F21
Dark Blue High waist Shorts : Downtown
Bag : Brown Speedy Monogram Louis Vuitton 
Leopard Sneakers : Sm Departmentstore

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