Friday, March 22, 2013

Out for a Movie Date :)

Hello again dear readers!!!Today's post will be about my summer outfit when me and my boyfriend were on leave from work.We set this date as our movie date (geesh).It's not that we just wanted to have a date on our leave,but we would like to avail the free movie tickets and gift certificates that we have won from the company that we're working with.Isn't that great?We could enjoy each others company at no expense (except for the fair haha).Well,luckily I won gift certificates and what a coincidence he also won movie passes for two.We have won these items for about two weeks now.He had been dying to go to the mall and been bugging me for us to avail these gc's and passes, but I was just too busy lately that's why it was sort of delayed.Sigh.Anyhow,at long last we found ourselves a perfect time to finally go out and unwind.
              Since it's summer time.I chose to wear a combination of purple and pink floral design sexy back dress that my dearest sissy gave me long time ago (hehe). I usually wear this outfit at work,I just don't have a choice but to wear it this time because prior to our date,we have to drop by the Capitol Palace for  another commitment.Going back to my outfit,I also put a purple thick highwaist belt to highlight the curves of my body.(wink).Since you are not gonna be allowed to enter the capitol premises if you are wearing sleeveless or shorts,I just paired it with my newly bought black rafflle cardigan from a thrift shop for it to be somehow conservative.So obviously I can't wear shorts that time (wew).But right after were done dropping by there,I already removed the cardigan.It's so humid these days so it's not gonna be a good idea to wear long sleeves outfit when you're outdoor.Moving forward,as for the accessories,I matched it with a multicolored floral loop earrings,pink bangle and my owl ring which is absolutely perfect for the outfit.For my footwear,I have worn my red low wedges to add class and elegance to the outfit.These wedges were supposedly my gift to my mom during her birthday.But she doesn't really wear heels so I get to wear it more often than her(haha).Good thing we both have the same shoe size so she just let me use the shoes that I bought for her (hahaha).Now I won't be ellaborating these statements anymore...Time for my outfit shots :D

Earrings and Ring : Aizilym
Bangle : Genevieve Gozum
Highwaist belt : Parkmall
Dress: WAGW
Shoes : Primadonna

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