Monday, June 10, 2013

The White Gold Club Graduation Outfit Print Ad


              I haven't been blogging lately about my outfits because I was just so lazy to dress-up and blog about it haha. Forgive me for that lovies ;) . Nevertheless, Here's another outfit post from a photo shoot I did for a shopping center here in Cebu, Philippines. This shoot was way back February . It  was intended  for a newspaper ad since a month after that was already graduation season. I was very blithe and astonished when my manager called me up and asked me if I was available to do a photo shoot for the said shopping mall. Without any adverseness, I immediately said YES and vacated my schedule for the shoot . He promised me a good pay so that exclaimed me the most!haha ! Oh well, Not to mention the other female model I will be working with is already my friend. So the shoot will surely be fun and pleasant :D. It'll be my second time to do a shoot for a newspaper ad. So it's not really new to me. The first time was with the company that I am currently working with. But still, the excitement seems like the first time !!!haha!! yay!!!
               Moving on, When we arrived at the location (which is inside the mall ) , we were given the liberty to take our pick . We must choose 2 different sets of dress,accessories and shoes that would coordinate with the concept . I vigilantly scour dresses , shoes and accessories that I love the most . (Seems like I was shopping!!! haha) . After almost an hour of scouring and fitting for the right wardrobe , Alas!!! My search was over and I was finally decided on what to wear for the shoot in a while.

              The first set of  wardrobe that I personally hand picked was a peach tube dress embedded with Rhine stones and crystals at the center and at the right side of the dress, I coordinated it with a 4 inches suede peach pumps. As for the accessories , I chose a peach embedded hand bag and a big stud swarovski earrings. Since the outfit itself is already ravishing, I went on just wearing a pair of earrings and not put a necklace anymore . I find the outfit very classy and fab. Since the concept was graduation, It is best to choose a cocktail dress for the ladies so that it is not evident when you are already wearing the graduation robe during the ceremony (just for fyi though :D ).

                   For my second hand picked dress, I preferred to wear black this time. Black is the safest color a woman could ever wear I would have to say :D Why? Because you can match it with any other color. You just have to mix and match it with the right accessories and a pair of nice shoes. I chose a Greek style black chiffon dress , matched it with a pair of 5 inches black pumps . I accessorized  it with a black silk sling bag and a pair of black chandelier earrings. Forgive me if I wasn't able to zoom in the details of the outfit. I hope I was able to wake your imagination up by just detailing it. haha !!!

The shoot lasted for 3 hours and as what I had predicted, Twas' fun and pleasant to work with the photographers and co-models of the shoot . I met 2 new male model friends.I hoped I've met your standards for graduation outfit :D

Maquillage : Vincent Bermejo
Photo Credits : Mark Philip Dales , Ting Yap
Outfit : White Gold Club Department Store 
Shoes : White Gold Club Department Store 
                Accessories : White Gold Club Department Store     
Concept : Johnny Violeta   




  1. Oh! Great choices! You are beautiful in both outfits. But I especially love your first pick. It seems perfect for graduation and you can even wear it on some special occasions and even on your dates.

    1. Just read your comment Jelly.Thank you for the compliments and for leaving a comment :D