Thursday, June 20, 2013

Checkered vs. Aztec

      Hello again lovies!!! I haven't been able to blog lately because of a fashion show that I supposed to attend to. But everything didn't turn out well, I got flu so I wasn't able to attend the show. That was the sad part.Luckily, I was still able to get my talent fee!haha! Happy kid :D lol .
      Moving on, I will be posting an outfit shot I have worn in one of our rehearsals. Though I was so sick, Still I forced myself to rehearse . Until an unfortunate event happened that didn't require me to attend the show anymore, but still getting paid which is a big sigh of relief!wew! My boyfriend was always reprimanding me for being so stubborn ! haha .  If you've been reading my previous post I'm a very workaholic person. I always go where I can earn and of course I value professionalism very much so that was actually one part of the reason why I wouldn't want to be the cause of delay. But God has his way of not letting anything happen to me :) In the long run, I'm still lucky :p
      Nevertheless, Since it was a ramp rehearsal and I was feverish, I chose to wear an outfit that you can just comfortably wear everyday. Of course style comes next to that.Something that would look lively Because I was sort of weak that day. The lavender raffled sleeveless top I have worn was my sister's gift.Paired it with my newly bought blue high waist Aztec shorts which I bought from my ever favorite bazaar mall :D. I bargained this shorts up to its lower price which made me so happy when I bought this.  FYI, I'm good with bargains haha :p . The turquoise gladiator footwear is one of my favorites among the flats I have in my rack. So comfy and durable :D .I have matched with the outfit my gold loop earrings that my cousin gave me and my lavender handcuff which I also bought from the same bazaar mall months ago. I know the combination I have made on my outfit was sort of loud and contrasting. Checkered and Aztec , It is very rare for me to do such contrasting combination because I'm a very safe person when it comes to style. I dunno what came up to me that day. In one way or another ,I bet my style experiment still looks good. I hope you lovies will also agree :D

Fashion Diamond Studded Gold Loop Earring = Cuz Jeraldine's gift
Brown Manmade Leather Sling bag = Emall Bazaar
Lavender Hand Cuff = Emall bazaar
Checkered raffled sleeveless = ate IChel's gift WAGW
Black Leather Belt = Calvin Klein
Blue highwaist aztec shorts = Emall bazaar
Turquoise Gladiator Footwear = Primadonna

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