Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yellow is a Happy Color :)

            Posting about my daily outfit rundown is just a diversion when I am at work or whenever I'm being burned out :p. If you've read about my previous posts, I am currently working in a BPO industry . And life in this kind of field is sort of dragging. Apart from that is to share my own idea of fashion. That you don't have to spend too much to be distinct :p . You can look posh even if you're outfit is not that expensive. It depends on how you convey the outfit at the end of the day :D

           As what the title entails, Yellow is called the happy color because of its vibrant look . When we look at the color, It energizes us and it allures more positive energy. So it makes us happy and optimistic.Well, That was just my idea though, I've also read it somewhere but I just couldn't remember where. haha. I hope you will also agree with what I was trying to connote here .lol

          Moving on, Today I will be posting an outfit that I was very excited of wearing since I just bought it from one of my favorite online stores here in Cebu Philippines.They had a buy one take one sale so being a fashion enthusiast, I hurriedly reserved 2 outfits.(happy kid)  The other outfit I will be posting it one of these days :) . This was the second time I have worn this. The first time was during my cousin's wedding at Catmon, Cebu. I was just not able to take pictures of my outfit that day because I was busy attending to my kids :) .So the second time was during one of the go sees I have attended :) .

         Nevertheless, I accessorized my yellow skater dress with my fashion gold chandelier earrings that I have bought from a very affordable accessories shop downtown (Most of the accessories I have were also bought there :D ) . Since the outfit was very plain and simple , to add more vitality to it, I accentuated it by wearing brown leather high waist belt with gold ribbon,Paired  with it was a gladiator nude high wedges which will look good on any outfit you'll wear. I've worn my man made leather bag which I bought from a bazaar shop long time ago.FYI, This was also my first time to do a self shot about my outfit. My boyfriend who always patiently takes my outfit shots was not with me that time so I had no choice but to face the mirror of the mall's ladies washroom just to have my outfit taken :p. So forgive me for the washroom background  ;) . Along the way, I've met my sister and I hurriedly ask her to take few pictures of me . She is working in the same mall where the go see venue was so I met her before I went to my appointment. Done with the details. Time to feed your eyes lovies :D

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