Monday, April 15, 2013

First Touch of Summer

          Imagine waiting for almost a month just to buy something you've been dying to have.That's the swimwear  I will be posting for today.Finally my navy blue high waist vintage swimwear have arrived. For a month of wanting,craving and dreaming to have this,finally I got it .I'm the happiest!!!ha ha.
           This swimwear is the latest summer trend. So I decided on buying 2 pairs with different designs of course. Why I love it so much?It doesn't reveal too much skin, yet still sexy and classy.
           For my cover up,I paired with the outfit was the cardigan I have worn in one of my previous posts. I bought the black raffled silk cardigan from a thrift shop.The Summer hat was bought from my favorite accessories boutique somewhere in downtown.I accessorized it with A fashion silver loop earrings.The total outfit costs 700 php only.You really can't tell right?:D. If you've been reading my previous posts you'll know that I love classy outfits that doesn't cost too much.As the saying goes,"Money can't buy class". I believe it's innate.I'm even so proud of buying cost effective stuffs rather than expensive ones..Not only that you can test how fashionable you are but on how you are good with  managing your money :)
            Nevertheless, Me and my boyfriend's first plan was to go to Adventure Cafe to unwind and be away from the City for awhile.The Cafe is located somewhere in Balamban,Cebu.I haven't been there yet so my boyfriend had planned to take me there but since it was way too far and I don't feel like having a long trip.I suggested for us to go swimming instead. I haven't had time for an outing lately because I 've been very busy with events,my kids and work.My event was postponed and my kids are on vacation with my parents.So this day was very perfect for me to have a chance of wearing my newly bought swimwear.ha ha.He then agreed so I hurriedly tied my hair in a bun,didn't wear any make-up at all(since it's swimming anyway). We chose a hotel that is near our place but still not that costly.They have a nice pool and hotel facilities that can compete with 5 star hotels here in Cebu.We stayed there until evening and it was so freezing cold already when we decided to go home.Time to reveal my outfit :)

Location : Crown Regency Hotel Cebu 

Summer Hat : Aizilym
Silver Fashion Earrings : Genevieve Gozum
High Waist Swimwear : Dash Dolls
Cover Up : Thrifted

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