Thursday, April 25, 2013

Black Lace Dress

        Have you ever experienced having a fabulous dress which is jaw dropping in terms of it's price? This post is about a dress I bought in a bazaar shop which only cost 150php. Yes! you've heard me right! A hundred and fifty pesos only!I bought this black lace dress last December for my modelling agency Christmas party. I was hurriedly scanning clothes to wear from my closet for the event coz I didn't have any plan to buy a new dress that time, considering I just bought a new dress for our company Christmas party.But I didn't find anything nice to wear so I then went to my all time favorite bazaar mall (haha) . My ever outfit event saver (lol). When I was on the shop already, I have found this very fabulous lace dress, too bad I forgot to have the back view taken.I was so exhausted already during this shoot . But anyhow, It's back has a beautiful lace design. which requires you to wear a silicon underwear coz' its bare.
         It was Actually the second time of wearing this dress.Along with it was a pair of animal print feathered earrings which I bought triple the price of my dress.(haha). If you've read about my previous post, Once I found something so nice and  unique, I don't dwell too much on the price as well (o_o). Well, it happens very often :) . Moving forward, the bracelet and ring I have matched was my favorite fashion gold accessories .For my footwear, I have combined with the outfit was black and gold 2 inches sandals. I guess I've explained this outfit enough.I hope you'll also love this lovies :D

Black feather earring = Celine
Fashion Gold bangle = Robinson's
Fashion Gold Ring = Emall Bazaar
Black Lace Mini Dress = Emall Bazaar
Black and Gold Footwear = Linea Italia

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