Friday, September 13, 2013

Posh Friday :)

       Hello again dear lovies! I wasn't able to blog lately because I was so busy managing my newly opened online business (Fashion Pleasures ) . Twas just today that I finally get the chance to blog about my ensemble which I have worn just awhile ago. I was also in the mood of strutting my outfit again for the reason that I have a go see and client meeting for my upcoming event booking next month. My day was spent being so busy running errands that I only slept for 2 hours . But then again it's all good because it ended fruitful and worth it . yay

        Regardless, Let me start construing my ensemble post from the wardrobe I have worn. I was scouring my closet for an outfit that was sexy but elegant so when I saw my suit, I right away grasp it. Though I know the sun was blistering hot awhile ago, I still chose to wear my jumpsuit covered with my brown checkered blazer just for the sake of alteration.And also because I noticed that I wasn't able to strut it on my blog yet. So that was the reason behind me wearing such uncomfortable outfit for today. lol. For my accessories, I matched it up with my vintage fashion gold stud earrings,black chandelier statement necklace ( the newest on my collection ) and gold bangle. This is to effectuate the classy look for the day. The incandescent afternoon was distressing my eyes so I opted to wear my brown aviator sunglasses. For my footwear, My comfort zone is wearing flats so I chose to wear my nude Korean ballet shoes. But when I was on the venue already, I opted to wear my pale pink suede high wedges. Excuse me again lovies for not being so organized today. That's because I am awake for almost 48 hours already. lol. Nevertheless, here's the ensemble for today :D 

(FYI , Some pics were taken from the go see venue with co-model friends I've seen having an event there :D )

Blazer = Thrifted 
Aviator Sunglasses = EO
Accessories = Emall
Jumpsuit = People are People 
Flats = Janilyn 
High wedges = Prp 

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