Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Fedora Hat :)

            Remember the dull colored outfits I was talking about on my previous blog post? Tonight's post will be all about one of my dull ensembles (lol). Well, If you've been scouring about my previous blogs, I'm a very safe person when it comes to my wardrobes. I don't feel like being  overdressed or shall I say "A fashion victim " (lol) . I'm also very keen when it comes to combining accessories. If my accessories don't match with my outfit, I would opt not to accessorize it anymore :D . So that's basically just a part of how I style :)
            Moving on, This post is about my ensemble when me and my boyfie went out for a lunch date almost a month ago (hehe). Forgive me for the long overdue post. I just discovered the pictures on his mobile so I hurriedly transferred it to mine so I could post it for tonight. (better late than never :D) .
            I chose to wear my army green razor back tank top that day. Paired it up with my latest favorite DIY high waist denim shorts. Accessorized it with my fashion silver big loop earrings and two toned philip charriol bracelet. Though the color combination was sort of dull, I don't want to run out of fashion so I opted to wear my newly bought gray fedora hat . I bought it from my favorite accessories shop somewhere in downtown here in Cebu, Philippines. My boyfie even asked me if I'll be wearing the hat I just bought because I'm not the type of woman who will wear such, audibly I answered him yes . I told him I have a new outfit experiment so he just kept his silence after that (haha). He had been very supportive all the while. And besides, I know he trust and commends me for my style . Nevertheless , Fedora hat was genuinely designed for women way back 1890's but now most commonly used by men :) . Surprised ? I myself too :) . The footwear I have matched was my newly bought nude ballet shoes from a shoe sale at the mall. You see, I love sales (who doesn't anyway lol) . Now, to coordinate with the footwear, I've picked my nude bag that my mom gave me when she just arrived from the U.S. . I love this bag so much because it has lots of compartments. My things are very organized whenever I'm using this bag :) Done with detailing my ensembles. Excited about how I looked that day? there you go ....


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