Monday, July 15, 2013

Neon is the New Black

       Last Sunday was my boyfie's birthday so my fashion statement for tonight was all about my wardrobe during his birthday blowout The soiree was genuinely last Saturday. It was unplanned because his original plan was to celebrate it on Sunday(his actual birthday).But he also wanted to celebrate it  on a Saturday night so he could welcome his big day with a bang! haha.So I initiated and organized the party for him, So he won't be exhausted anymore :) (Anything for my love <3 ) . Nonetheless, I still asked for his approval.(of course). His birthday party was held in a mini-club here in Cebu,Philippines.The place was smaller compared to other clubs here in Cebu but we love it because the ambiance was cozy and elegant. It was near our place and it was not that crowded as well:D .
       Apart from that, We also celebrated one year of being together. It was not our official anniversary though but he said it's still something to commend about.He said he was just so happy that he was celebrating his birthday with me the second time. See? My boyfriend is the sweetest! He's so good with sugar coating.That's actually where he got me.hahaha. Nevertheless, We only invited our few close friends, partied and got drunk all night like sky was the limit.And we all enjoyed the soiree.That night was a blast!!!
      Moving on, Before I finally finish my blog, let me quickly construe tonight's ensemble. For a change, I opted to wear a neon green razor back tank top that night . I usually wear dull colored outfits during soirees so this is another outfit venture for me. I paired it up with my new black peplum skirt that was bought by my lovie and black cross strap wedges which I haven't worn for quite sometime now.As for my accessories, I have worn a tri-colored neon necklace and earrings set which was very ravishing and stupendous with the wardrobe. Since the earrings and necklace set were already vibrant, I chose to wear a multicolored persian bangle and bug ring for my hand accessories. Party will never be complete without a party bag so I opted to wear my black and white chained sling bag this time. We were in a rush so forgive me if I wasn't able to take a closer capture of my accessories. I never anticipated I'd be so adventurous when it comes to venturing about my ensembles.Well I guess,Change has always been for the better!
Teehee :D

Accessories : Aizilym
Neon Green Razor Back Tank Top : Emall Bazaar
Black Peplum Skirt : Emall Bazaar
Bag : Emall Bazaar
Black cross straps wedges : Emall Bazaar

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