Friday, August 2, 2013

Green Chiffon Peplum Top

              It's Friday again and everyone is out enjoying the night. Me? I'm stuck again in the office working . You would probably think I'm such a loser for working on a Friday night but I beg to disagree with that (trying to convince myself haha)lol . I had a fruitful day today though. I went to a go see and client meeting .

             Tonight's blog post will be about my wardrobe a while ago . Since the go see was about promoting a liquor brand, I chose to wear something casual and sexy. The bottom I wore for today's post was the same high waist shorts I've worn on my previous blog post a month ago. But this time the tops are from my newly opened online shop. These tops were already sold out. The buyers just requested me to wear and post it so this is one way of advertising my shop :D . Moving on , before I went to the venue, I wore a chiffon green peplum top. Since, she had been requesting it for a week now. It was just today that I finally found time to wear it.. I accessorized it with my new fab sunglasses,white digital watch,white and blue buttons statement necklace , turquoise  ring and a bangle.I will still be posting today my actual go see ensemble so I don't want to spoil the moment and I won't be prolonging your agony anymore lovies. Lemme show you  the first batch of today's ensemble. Before I forget, feel free to browse my new online shop with my very own fashion finds :D FASHION PLEASURES 

First Batch :  Green chiffon peplum top

Fashion Sunglasses = EO
Peplum Top = Fashion Pleasures
High waist Blue Aztec Shorts = Emall Bazaar
Accessories = Aizilym
Footwear = Janilyn


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