Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Beach break :D

           My obsession with color blue and yellow is still unfolding .lol . Nonetheless, My blog for today was about my ensemble last Saturday when me and my office mates went to Badian, Cebu Philippines to have our team building. I didn't really prepare my wardrobe for this adventure for the reason that I was so tired and exhausted since we have traveled right after our shift and the day prior to that I was busy with go sees. Obviously I was not in the mood for dressing-up nor applying cosmetics on my face ( who would want to apply cosmetics when you'll go on swimming anyway, lol) . Nevertheless,  I just opted to wear my blue tube top jump shorts which I have for four years now. I paired it up with my yellow vest which I had for 3 years also. (I told you I'm good with keeping things :D ) . Since I wasn't able to get enough rest prior to our trip, Sunglasses is a must to hide my exhausted eyes, also to protect it from the sun :D . This time, I opted to wear my new white round sunglasses from my online shop . As for my accessories, I have worn my on the go fashion silver loop and  two-toned couple ring.Wonder why I called it on the go? Because whenever I'm tired or in a rush it has always been my choice, lol . Moving on, to complete my beach ensemble, I tied my hair in a bun , put my rainbow colored turban and put my slippers on and off we go!!! Ready for the weekend adventure!!!

Loop Earrings And Turban = Genevieve Gozum
Sunglasses = Fashion Pleasures 
Tube top jump shorts = Glitz and Glam Online Shop
Yellow Vest = Forever 21 
Footwear = Havaianas
Couple Ring = Oro China


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