Friday, August 23, 2013

Pinky Friday !!!

        I wasn't really planning on going out today because I still have a last shift for tonight. But since my best friend  Joyce(my best friend for 9 years now),who  lives in Cebu South ,  is coming over and invited me for a dinner outside. I didn't have a choice but agree coz we  haven't seen each other for months now . Today is a perfect time to bond with her and forget being lazy on prepping up. lol . Regardless, My ensemble for today is a chiffon white and pink balloon top and denim high waist shorts.  For a change, I chose to wear my pearl set earrings and necklace to glam-up the simplicity of the top. I wasn't able to wear my floral bangle anymore so I opt to pair it up with my pearl set. For my footwear, I have worn my pink loafers which is a perfect match for today's ensemble .Bdw, I have my outfit taken when I was waiting for her to pick me up . I guess that's all for now . Teehee :)