Monday, August 19, 2013

Statement Tees

          It's Manic Monday again! It's about time to blog  about my last  Saturday's ensemble ( Aug 17,2013). It was early in the morning when I woke up around 6 am to pick up my kids in my parent's house. I chose to wear my long lost orange statement tees which I just found in my closet . I had this shirt for 3 years already as far as I can remember. I was just so happy I already found it since it was lost for a year now. (haha happy kid).  I bought it when I was still in working in Manila,Philippines way back year 2010. I love it for the reason that it fits my body well and also the statement it delivers. It says  "You can't be me,Let's not try " . It entails a lot about Individualism. Meaning, each individual is different. No matter how hard we try to mimic someone might be the way we dress up nor talk. You can't be that someone at the end of the day :p. I myself have my own style. I don't even ride on trend that much because I want to be unique in a way.  I wanted to be different but not to the point that I look like a mess in public. I want to keep that classy look at the end of the day :D. Regardless, I matched it with my blue denim shorts that my big sister gave me long time ago.  She said she doesn't like it but when I tried it on, I liked it so much so she decided to give it to me instead :D . As for my footwear, This is the latest that I have in my collection. My boyfie bought it for me during the mall wide sale . I wasn't really planning on buying any footwear at all  because I wanted to maximize the collection I already have in my rack. But when I saw this leopard print sneakers , I fell in love with it right away specially when I saw it's price(haha). It was on sale! You can have two sneakers for only 399php. The other sneakers we bought belong to my 6 year old little woman, My eldest. I bought her a new pair of sneakers too so she'll have new shoes to wear every Friday, during her p.e class. Nevertheless, to match with the leopard sneakers ,  I've picked on wearing my leopard aviator sunglasses which I haven't worn lately because I have newly bought sunglasses :p . I guess I've construed my ensemble enough. Here's my ensemble post for today :D

Sunglasses = Downtown
Statement tees = Tangerine (Sm Megamall)
Denim Shorts = F & H (gift from sister ) 
Leopard Sneakers = Parisian (Sm City Cebu) 

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