Friday, August 2, 2013

Black and Blue and Yellow Ensemble

           My actual go see ensemble was a simple black spandex spaghetti top with the same accessories I've matched on my recent blog post. I'm a big fan of color yellow lately so the belt I've used a while ago was my thin yellow belt with ribbon accent that I just bought at a mall boutique. It really went along with my yellow footwear :).

           This is the 2nd batch of today's post . It's been awhile since I posted 2 blog ensembles in a day. You see, I'm keeping myself busy on a Friday night to forget that my friends are all ringing me on my mobile to go on a half day to party. (haha). If you've noticed, I'm sort of disconnected on my posts for tonight. haha . I am really tempted but I have my goals for this month so I really have to fight temptation tonight. I swear it's not easy . haha. Nevertheless, Here's my actual go see ensemble for Friday  (Aug. 2 , 2013).

Sunglasses = EO
Blue Aztec Shorts = Emall Bazaar 
White Casio Illuminator = Oceana Online Shop 
Accessories = Aizilym
Footwear = Janilyn