Monday, December 30, 2013

Stay Classy, Never Trashy (Christmas Party 2013)

       Hey!!! How you doin' lovies??? I wasn't able to update my ensemble diary lately because of the holiday season. We didn't have a work for a week which made me so happy and felt so relaxed  (happy kid :D) . That was also the reason why I have quite a number of  ensemble to be posted here. So keep track loves! You see, I only blog when I'm here in the office for the heck of diverting my boredom at the same time sharing my sense of fashion. For I don't feel like blogging when I'm at home because I so enjoy being idle most of the

       Nevertheless, Tonight's wardrobe update was my ensemble during our Company Christmas party that was held last Dec. 21,2013 in the conference hall of our office building :D . We opted not to make our party stupendous since a month prior to that, Our company donated to the typhoon victims in Tacloban, Leyte.

        I wasn't really planning on buying a new wardrobe since we'll only have a simple party. But when I went to the mall near our place, I passed by an astonishing red tube dress that really caught my attention. To my surprise when I asked the sales lady how much the price was, It was at a very affordable price. And so I bought it :D. I even told my office friend about where I bought my affordable dress. To make the long story short, Incidentally we bought the same outfit . ha ha. As soon as we found out about it, I readily made some alterations on my wardrobe. Instead of wearing it as a dress, I made it as my top and matched it with my shiny black bandage skirt and Gold Bar Belt which made the outfit look more expensive :D. I'm saving so much for the holiday season that's why I preferred  not to buy a new pair of shoes, so I just paired it with my gray boot pumps which I seldom wear. To complete my party wardrobe, I embellished it with my black stud earrings, gold belt bangle and a combination of black and gold spike for my arm candies. And oh! Before I forget! My bag for the party was my  mini-shoulder bag which was one of the random gifts that my mom gave me when she was still working in the U.S.
        We had so much fun at the party because beers were also provided during the program. lol. After party venue was at Club Holic. We danced till we dropped all through out the night. Nonetheless, I'm too excited to strut my wardrobe! Time to show off my Christmas Party Wardrobe 2013 :) tee hee!!!

Tory Burch Inspired Stud Earrings = Aizilym
Gold Belt Bangle = Fashion Pleasures
Gold and Black Spike Bangle =  Fashion Pleasures
Glittered Red Tube Top = J and J Fashion Boutique
Black Skirt = Fashion Pleasures
Gold Bar Belt = Fashion Pleasures
Monogram Mini-Shoulder Bag = Louis Vuitton 
Gray Boot Pumps = Pedro (women)


Christmas Party 2013

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