Monday, December 30, 2013

I love Disney! I love Pooh!

           Since it'll be only for today that we have a work for the reason that we were given the privilege to spend new year with our family. I will take advantage of my time blogging about my wardrobe when me and my boyfie went to San Fernando,Cebu to celebrate my best friend Joyce' birthday which transpired last Dec. 22,2013. It was also her baby shower because a day prior to her birthday, she was scheduled for a c-section and expected to deliver her baby girl Kendra. We had a little barbecue party and did our never ending "chitchat"

           Nonetheless, My ensemble for that day was a neon pink Aztec body con paired with my pastel pink espadrille. For my accessories, I have worn my two toned small loop earrings, gold belt bangle, two toned choker necklace and white digital watch. I preferred to bring along with me my Winnie the Pooh face shoulder bag which I have for almost four years now. Another fact about me is that Pooh is my all time favorite cartoon character. I was really eyeing on this bag then somebody gave this a gift! Can you imagine happy I was when I got this? 'Twas like I was in cloud nine for how many weeks really! haha . I wasn't able to use it that much because I always opt for a classy outfit and the fact that I have bought new bags over the years. But of course that doesn't change the fact that this bag is still one of my favorites :D .  For the sake of diversification, I chose to match it with today's ensemble and noticeably it blended perfectly with the wardrobe. Hooray!!! I bet you will also agree with me so check this out lovies :D 

Sunglasses = Executive Optical 
Dress = Fashion Pleasures
Earrings = Cartier 
Necklace = Philippe Charriol
Gold Bangle =Fashion Pleasures
Watch = Casio
Footwear = So Fab
Winnie the Pooh Bag = Gift


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