Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Something Rowdy :)

      Good day lovies !!! Tonight's blog update will be all about my ensemble when me and my family were dashing to the mall last Sunday because of a mall wide sale. Can't miss that chance! lol.

      Nevertheless, I opted to wear my new animal print blazer that was given as a gift by my boyfie :D . Matching it with a black tank top for my inner wear. For my bottom, I have worn my tattered gray denim aztec high waist shorts which made my ensemble more rowdy . Since I am a very safe person when it comes to matching wardrobes, I have tried something new again! Matching contrasting outfits from time to time not only for the sake of trying out something new but also to come out from my comfort zone :). Since today's ensemble is to achieve a rowdy look, I chose to wear my animal print inspired feathered earrings to compliment with my blazer, For my arm candies, My new favorite in my collection gold belt bangle and black Casio Watch. A black Doctors bag and Lastly for my footwear, I opted to wear my nude stringed ballet shoes. I chose a nude color footwear to balance out that rowdy look. Nonetheless, for me not to look like a Christmas tree and not to mention being a fashion victim (lol) . Before I finally reveal today's look, Always remember lovies! In my opinion, There's nothing wrong experimenting wardrobes. We just have to make sure that we don't look garbage on it Teehee!! :D

Earrings = Celine
Blazer = WAGW
Tank Top = Fashion Pleasures
Denim Shorts = I Tees
Watch = Casio 
Bangle = Fashion Pleasures
Bag = Victoria Secret
Footwear = Janeo (Janilyn)